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I am sure you understand the concept of setting goals for yourself.

It makes sense. And many people do it.

But perhaps something you don’t quite realize is that goals require a constant stream of force behind them, to help keep them alive. You have to push goals all the time, in order to realize the rewards.

Constantly pushing for your goals – while necessary – can also be detrimental to the effective manifestation of the goals themselves.

Goals are artificially created by the mind and backed up by the concepts and beliefs that allow them to work. Take away those concepts and beliefs that give them a foundation, and the goals evaporate in no time at all.

True dreams and desires however don’t have this limitation, and don’t fail as easily. So it’s often better to focus on your true dreams, then on your shorter term goals.

Today, I’d like to talk more about this powerful concept…

What Does This All Mean?

Let’s assume you’ve set a goal to lose weight. As you may already know, it is important to set each goal precisely. So losing weight, like any goal, should include exact particulars of what you want to accomplish. Let’s say you want to lose 25 pounds over the next three months, starting today. This goal needs a foundation to work. You need to have some sort of motivation that encourages you to accomplish this goal.

Perhaps one or more of the following acts as your motivation to lose the weight:
You want to look attractive to others
You want to look attractive to your partner
You believe that you are overweight
You want to fit into your favorite dress or pants again
You need a reason to lose the weight, something that can motivate you to achieve your goal. Whatever the reason behind the goal, you absolutely need to have one, otherwise you won’t have the motivation to even start.

Think of the reason as the decision to change something in your life, and the motivation as the energy that affects that change.

The mere act of starting on any goal can be incredibly challenging as it involves being willing to change some of your usual behaviors and concepts in life. We all know what a challenge changing your behavior and concepts can be!

Behavior is changed in the physical domain, while concepts are changed in the mental domain. This double whammy of both the physical and the mental is what makes a simple life change like weight loss such a challenge to bring off successfully.

Successful Goals Need a Corresponding Mental Shift

Successful, real-world goals always come from a corresponding change in the mental domain.

Simply put, it is because your mind and your thoughts are what create your reality. If you change only your behavior, you will enjoy only short-term success. In time, you will fall back into your old patterns of behavior – the very thing you tried to change in the first place. It helps tremendously to continually use the New Age Mantra when ever you realize you are feeling doubt or confusion,

So let’s assume you are in the second month of your weight loss goal and your partner leaves you. What happens to your goal about losing weight? It doesn’t matter anymore, it diminishes and evaporates into thin air. You just took away both the foundation and the energy for accomplishing your goal. You no longer have a reason and you’ve lost your motivation.

The problem with goals is that they depend on life circumstances – and they are always forced by mental concepts.

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