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As children, we see the future as always bright, an empty screen upon which we paint whatever we wish. Everything around us cries out to be explored, and it is exciting to dive into this fascinating world. Once we grow older, this fascination turns into dead knowledge, leaving us with no free attention to explore anything further. Our pioneering spirit is gone. Everything seems to be limited and constricted. We believe everything has been explored already.

We have lost the capacity for joy in experiencing our unlimited potential.

In order to gain back what we once had as children but somehow lost as adults, it is necessary that we understand the three levels, or domains, of existence.

Adapted from the book The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire by Deepak Chopra, these domains are as follows:

1. The Physical Domain

This is the world that we can see, smell and hear. It is the world of the material and the visible, and it is bound by the laws of physics. Every event has a beginning, a present and an end. Everything happens for a reason and is determined by cause and effect. It is Newton’s predictable clockwork universe operating with supreme regularity and according to universal principles.

2. The Quantum Domain

On this level everything consists of information and energy. The material world is a subset of this quantum world, and is demonstrated in Einstein’s remarkable equation E=MC2. Energy equals mass times the speed of light, squared. Matter is made up of molecules, which in turn are comprised of smaller units called atoms.

The latest research now shows that even atoms are made up of smaller particles called quarks, and that these quarks have no solidity at all. Scientists, in their unceasing exploration of ever finer and subtler states of energy, are even beginning to speculate about ‘unveiling’ the so-called God particle!

It turns out that the more physicists explore smaller and smaller units of mass/energy, the more relative space there is between the things that make up the basic stuff of the universe. It now appears that the universe is almost entirely empty space, punctuated here and there by bits of things we call quanta, and the collections of quanta that go on to make up atoms and molecules.

If it is all empty space, how is it possible to sit on a chair?

Imagine a fan sitting on the floor in front of you. When the fan is on, you see a solid disk and you cannot put your hand through it. However you know that this is an illusion created by the motion of the fan’s blades. In reality, what makes up the ‘disk’ of ‘solid’ matter is mostly just space. It is the frequency of motion that gives us the illusion of things being solid. On a quantum level, where we deal with the speed of light, the effect is easily explained.

Our senses are much too slow to notice the infinite slices of space the fan blades occupy as they rotate, just as we fail no notice that motion pictures are just separate still frames arranged and shown at a particular frequency. Movies are, in reality, just pictures, and when you run them at a certain speed they give you the illusion of moving.

In reality these two domains—the physical domain and the quantum domain—are not different at all, they are just perceived differently by us. It is our consciousness that creates the illusion of a solid world. If you had quantum eyes you could actually see that everything merges into everything. Everything interacts with everything else in this floating world of quantum reality.

3. The Nonlocal Domain

The last level or domain consists of nothing less than consciousness itself. It is the spiritual domain, the unlimited field of infinite possibility and potential. At this level, time and space do not exist. It is nonlocal because there is no way of telling where and when it exists. It is everywhere and nowhere at the same time. This tends to be a hard concept for our dualistic mind to grasp.

This is the organizing force behind all things in the universe. As you read these lines, your mind is busy decoding and understanding this universe and taking some stabs at localizing itself within the larger framework that is essentially nonlocal in nature.

– Who is doing the reading?
– Where does your attention come from?

Your Presence is Seperate From Your Thought

If you explore this phenomenon further, you will come to understand that there is a presence in you that is always experiencing. It is a presence that is separate from your thoughts, from your feelings and from everything else.

This presence is the nonlocal domain from which everything originates. It is the infinite source of possibility and potential. It is you, without name, without concepts, without beliefs, without anything your mind could think of.

When you learn to live from this level of existence you are the one manifesting everything. You are the wizard – and remarkable revelations at this level become almost ordinary and normal.

Take a closer look at the atomic level and you will see that every particle is also a wave. This is called partial wave duality, or as some physicists like to call it, Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle. It turns out that just at the exact moment that something is observed, this wave-particle is in a state of pure potential. When observed, the potential ‘collapses’ into a single entity—either as a particle or a wave.

The Act of Observing

For now, let’s shift to a more practical level. It is the act of observation—your attention—that turns possibilities into reality. Without consciousness, everything would only exist as undefined potential or raw energy. Whatever you observe—place your attention on—turns into reality. Literally! This the very essence of manifesting.

Now you understand why it is so important where you put your attention, and it is even more important what intentions you have.

YOU are the designer. YOU create the blueprint that turn your thoughts into reality.

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