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Patience and Tolerance

The final attribute of the new age Human is that which is difficult for many of you, but you will learn it over time: Patience and Tolerance. For we tell you that it is the new age Human who is tolerant of his neighbor who is not enlightened, and as simple as that sounds, it may be difficult for you to realize until it comes at you.

When others criticize you, it is your tolerance and your peace and patience that will love them back, for you will see them in their own process and you will not judge them. It is the marvelous trait of the new age Human when accused, rather than thinking of himself, instead to think of the accuser and to love him within his process.

It is not a difficult thing to do, for it will be your nature as the new age Human. And although your adversaries may seem difficult, you still will not judge them. For you will see them as part of your own process as you planned it. They are in your life by agreement, but with your karma voided, they’re up against a brick wall trying to push your buttons. And in their own process they are appropriate being in your lives.

Dear ones, it is critical for you to know this. Some of them may never receive the kind of enlightenment that you have, and yet they are on their path just like you. They are no different. They have planned in advance with you to be here, and they have a path and journey of their own. So to criticize or judge them would be to criticize yourselves. To judge them would be to judge yourselves, for each one is part of your collective plan.

~Kryon, through Lee Carroll

Dear Kryon

QUESTION: “Why are so many people developing fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue? Is there something going in the bodies of these people that no one understands?”

ANSWER: Usually I don’t pull the “spiritual card” on questions like these, but in your case it is the true and accurate answer. Humanity is changing the energy of the planet and this is affecting what many are calling “normal.” Your DNA is a product of an older energy. If you wish to see something unusual, take a look at the children. They’re not having this problem to the degree the adults are. Think of it as a sign that you need to readjust your vibration to that of the new energy around you.

This is accomplished by what we’ve been telling you for 15 years. Become more attuned to your body and your internal spiritual-selves. Your DNA will activate and help bring you to a new balance with everything around you. There are so many who continue to fight the new Earth energy. These are the ones who are finding it harder and harder to make it through a day without a nap.

Relax, and celebrate everything around you. Be more patient with the things that formerly have brought you drama or disappointment. Work on your self-worth, and take time to love those around you in a more profound way. Become a Lighthouse for humanity with your new understanding of what makes a peaceful person. Drop the drama of the family and of situations that surround you, and instead move the rudder of your life’s ship to let it point toward a goal that can create peace on Earth.

Begin to examine yourself in a spiritual way and you’ll indeed match the energy of the earth, and that will bring you good energy, less stress, and a longer life.

Given in love,

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