Life Coach, MetaPhysician

Time to shine

These times are so filled with the Love and Light of Source that everything you are thinking and feeling is being amplified and put into motion much more easily than in the past. We invite you to ask your Presence to assist you in establishing such a powerful inner witness that it will allow you to see with your mind and feel with your heart whether or not your current choices and ways of living are truly supporting your living in Unity Consciousness, or are they simply expanding the old domains of your ego? Now is the time to pay close attention to how you want to live, create, love and live without the need to keep supporting anything in your daily life that is out of harmony with your Presence. For, in essence, beloveds, you are being given the opportunity to use the energies of these times to create what you would NOW like to see manifested in your lives on the Earth.

~ Those within the Orders of Melchizedek

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