Life Coach, MetaPhysician

Could be tomorrow

From childhood, our society trains us to be left-brained. We are rewarded for learning by rote and excelling in school. We are applauded for following rules and plans, and for accepting the word of governments, scientists, doctors, and so forth. Scientific method teaches us that everything must be proven to be true. We must have physical evidence.

We are conditioned to question, judge and ridicule spontaneous decisions or odd-ball ideas that do not fit society’s established standards. Increasingly, we police and punish those who do not fit into what is considered “normal”. The system dictates conformity at all costs!

Surrounded by all of this control, how can we free ourselves to tune in to our inner voice, our heart logic, our spontaneity, our imaginations, our right brains? It is not easy to shed a lifetime of conditioning fed to us by educators, parents, religious doctrines, media hype.

Let’s examine some of the things we can’t see but that may point to invisible evidence.

Gaia is surrounded by energy fields, as are we humans. Auras encircle us. Cameras can film these emanations, and some gifted individuals can actually see them. Within us, chakra systems govern the flow of energy in our body. Up to this point, we have had 7 chakra points, which are now evolving to a 13-point chakra system as part of our preparation for fifth-dimensional reality. But I can’t see this, you say… This is a process that can be felt, though it is not necessarily seen. At times we may feel tired or lacking energy, a condition that can usually be traced to an imbalance in our energy fields. Meditation and visualization exercises are important because they serve to balance our chakra systems. Traditional Chinese medicine uses these methods to balance our Yin and Yang energy fields.

Twice a month I see an alternative medical doctor who keeps my energy flowing and in balance, using acupuncture and visualization. She is a gifted healer who can look at energy fields and know precisely what the body needs at that moment. After a healing session and with energy restored, my spirit rejoices at my body’s renewed harmony. Is this accepted by conventional medicine? Can the change I experience be measured with special instruments? It doesn’t matter. What matters is that I feel great: that is my proof. I do not need to see scientific evidence.

Let’s look at the bigger picture: Why should we… accept what is being said about benevolent visitors from outer space coming to mentor us, coming to guide us toward full consciousness… believe that Ascended Masters are helping the Galactic Federation to help us… embrace the concept that the end of the Mayan calendar brought in a new era of light, which has diminished the effects of the dark? Should we trust our dreams? Do we re-think our Earthly origins, where we come from, and what our futures hold?

The time has come for us to cast away our 3D conditioning and our reliance on left-brain thinking. We must learn to re-acquaint ourselves with our feelings, our intuition, our imagination and the awareness of our real selves. Left-brain thinking is a great tool that helps us function in the material world. And, of course, we use this tool to be comfortable in that world as long as we remember its real purpose. Peace of mind comes from a left-brain right-brain balance.

I do not channel information, follow a religious path, or embrace science. My special dreams, meditative insights and life experiences show me the way, guide me to my truth. Right brain feelings and heart logic allow me to discern the truth that comes in messages from the Galactic Federation and the Ascended Masters. When you tune in to them, you just have a knowingness. Learn to trust it. Free yourselves from the shackles of 3D conformity!

How lucky we are to be alive to witness and experience the Golden Age of Light! The dark has diminished and we will soon realize our dreams without interference.

One day we will awaken to the Announcements, and meet our space family. Until then, our greatest contribution to Gaia and each other is to hold the light, stay peaceful and be positive. Why should we not? What do we have to lose?

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