Life Coach, MetaPhysician


Epigenitics is the science of our cellular function. It was the discovery of the fact that cells of our body are controlled by our beliefs, thoughts and feelings.
Our subconscious belief system controls our life 95% of the time and is a million times stronger than our conscious mind that we generally use to think about the past or concern of the future.
Our sub-conscious mind functions from accepted beliefs that we developed beginning, during our time in the womb, in reaction to our mother’s emotional feelings. The next addition to our idea of our self and our world is at birth.
The years from birth to 3years are a strong influence, again from 2 to 6 years we continue to create programmes of self value that will influence us the rest of our life. The ability to observe our experiences and to learn by comparison doesn’t available until we are around 7years old.
These childhood reactions have become the computer programmes of our sub-conscious belief system and control our lives and how we and react under stress. What we have programmed, we can change. With proper guidance we can identify when and why we decided to act certain ways that may be limiting our life in present time, or at least making it difficult to change these old habit for more effective ability to achieve what we really want in our lives.
With the use of ‘Biofeedback’ from the body the process of identification and reprogramming of any limiting sub-conscious behaviours become a simple and easy task.
Our sessions and training programmes assist interested people to understand their sub-conscious programming and make desirable changes in their life. This method is easy to learn and when trained can enable interested people to then share what they have learned with others.
Our trainings are limited to 14 students to enable them to receive the necessary personal attention they may need.
The science of Epigentics is available in the book “Spontaneous Evolution” by Bruce Lipton Ph.D and Steve Bhaerman, Hay House Publications

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