Life Coach, MetaPhysician

A call to arms


We all want to improve our lives, we want to be more positive and feel like we are adding our energy to the creation of a world that we wish live in that has more acceptance of differences of opinions as just that and nothing more. We want to be more loving toward ourselves and others, less judgmental, more accepting of differences and less fearful of the future. Good for us. The question is how much focused energy are we using to do all of that? How often do we think about the the things we say and do before we do or say them? Are our actions and there influences on others really taken into consideration before or after we do them. Are we really conscious of the effects of our thoughts and feelings and what we are doing to ourselves and others? We are now much more powerful and the results of how we use our power is more uplifting or harmful depending on our intention. Gaia needs all of the help we can give her, we need to take the response-ability to be more aware of what we do and choose to FEEL GOOD more of the time. Every little bit helps, every time we consider what we do before we do it we are being the ‘Light workers’ we really are Consciously, good for us and the world. We have a lot of un-conscious, negative energy in our world to transform. Its up to those of us who choose to be the creators of our new world to make it happen. We can and will do it, everyday in every way a little bit more light. Just do it. why not?

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