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Our new world

Living in the New World
Part I

In the past this alignment with the internal sun within one’s heart has only taken place within those who have ascended by lifting their consciousness out of the limited confines of the 3rd and 4th dimensions. Because the Earth is now ascending, and you are in the process of moving into your galactic inheritance as masters of the Earth plane, the invitation to ascend has now been extended to thousands across your world. As you move deeper into your inheritance, you are all moving into your larger potential to create a new Golden Age in Unity Consciousness where you will have greater access to the Love and Light of Source.

When a planet comes close enough to the Central Sun of its galaxy to merge with the Light of its consciousness, every soul on Earth is offered the tremendous opportunity of embodying more of the consciousness of its Presence. The veil that has been holding humanity in isolation from their True Selves living in Unity Consciousness also begins burning off ages of misconceptions that have held humanity hostage within their own limiting 3rd and 4th dimensional belief structures.

Any old patterns that are not supporting you living in a new Golden Age are all in the process of being burned away by the Light of the Central Sun and by the energies that many of you are releasing as you continue to transmute and transform any limitations you may still be holding within your mental, emotional or physical bodies. As this process continues, both individually and collectively, all of life is awakening as if from a deep unconscious trance. The overall consciousness of humanity is expanding beyond the limiting 3rd and 4th dimensional domains and into its galactic inheritance, which means that you will all be moving into more of your expanded capacities to create a new world using the multidimensional levels of being that are naturally part of the consciousness of your Presence.

When the Earth moved into direct alignment with the center of your galaxy, many of you immediately started to adjust your own frequencies so you would be able to proceed gracefully though the 4th and into the 5th dimension without any encumbrances from your past. The quantum shifts in consciousness that you are now undergoing cannot really be defined by what you have experienced in your past because what is happening in your present is unprecedented and you have no references for it. This is exciting to some of you, and somewhat frightening to others, yet we are sharing this with you so you know that the choice can be made to either enjoy this transition or to resist it, yet you cannot stop it.

This alignment will eventually move all of you out of the concerns of your limited personalized ego as you will each be paying much more attention to what is best for the well being of humanity and the Earth. You will not be focused nearly so much on having to survive in a competitive world or of having to be good enough on any level of your existence. When you really become one with your Presence, all of these kinds of concerns will simply disappear into the vast sea of your shared unlimited consciousness and you will realize more and more that everything and everyone is simply energy qualified by consciousness, and that the Source energies that are now being realized are for your use in creating a new world.

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