Life Coach, MetaPhysician

Self love

We all want to improve our lives, we want to do better, have more of what we want, be more positive, more creative. What keeps us from achieving our heart’s desire? SELF DENIAL. Somewhere in our sub-conscious, self created, belief system, is an accepted and resented feeling of limited self worth. We all suffer, to some degree, that there is something wrong with us that we have to fix or change or overcome. we aren’t O.K. as we are. We can’t be wrong, Existence doesn’t make anything that’s wrong. There is only one person in this world like us, so there is nothing to compare ourselves to except ourselves. We are all perfectly imperfect by choice as a part of our spiritual challenge. We chose to be exactly what we are to learn the value of our choices. There are no good or bad choices, no wrong choices, only opportunities for awareness. So we need to look for the value of being what we chose to be and drop the excuses for not being something else. We need to stop using words that interfere with accomplishing our goals, IF, TRY, PERHAPS, MAYBE, BUT are all negative and interfere with any positive intent. It’s time to DOUBT our DOUBTS and have the life we chose to live in the manner that is available any time we take the response-ability to be who we really are, a Divine being pretending to be a limited Human being that is a victim to situations that we have to suffer. The choice is always ours, JUST DO IT. With love in our hearts for ourselves and everyone else.

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