Life Coach, MetaPhysician

Falling in love

Falling into love is simply the process of allowing enlightenment to achieve its desired connection with each of us. No more effort or hardship when we realize that all is happening in accordance to the divine outcome. When faced with any situation, we can ask ourselves what did we learn and how is it that there was an actual blessing in the recognition of the circumstance? As we allow our spirits to soar to new heights, we can let our guard down (which actually becomes the baggage on your back if we hang on to the past), and be grateful without ego, without judgment, and without attachment.

Spirit waits and sees our lessons IN love and watches our process, throwing in the magic to remind us of the joy we sometimes forget to remember.

For this new cycle in Earth’s history, let’s come together and acknowledge joy first, lessons learned and learning, and the freedom to express our knowledge and feelings of our hearts as we shift into this reality of love within ourselves. For this is why we are here together right now. No matter your “job” is, it’s only an expression of your choice. The true job is to become clearer in love and freedom. As Joseph Campbell, author of “The Power of Myth” has said in his interview with Bill Moyer back in the 1980’s: “People get so concerned with wondering what their purpose is. Purpose goes beyond what your paying job is. To really understand purpose, you must realize that you being here is enough. A smile, or a pat on the back, a lesson learned. That is true purpose! What you do after that is a job.”

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