Life Coach, MetaPhysician

Is it Karma?

Dear Kryon

QUESTION: “What is the difference between the energy karma gives us and our life lesson? Or are they the same?”

ANSWER: Since everything is related to everything else, you might say that you can’t take this completely out of the karmic energy bag; however, think of karma as a “push to place you in a groove of appropriateness.”

Karma is about the group around you, your place in it and the emotional energies that are developed from that. You might say that karma is the default guide of direction for all Humans on the planet. It creates four and five generations of firemen and policemen, doctors or military men. You “fall into the groorve” of what you think you are supposed to do, or what your patents tell you, and do it!

Karma is ancient and slow. The new Human has choice, but with consequences. Now the responsibility issue must be understood and developed. No more victims, no more accidents, and total responsibility for all that is around them; these are the new understandings.

Life lessons, on the other hand, are far more personal. Although this attribute may, indeed, be related to a karmic energy, it stays with you when your karmic attribute is dropped. So you know it’s more profound than karma and belongs to your individual core soul instead of a group. It is carried from life to life, just like karms, but in a different way. So it has “carry over” attributes just like karma.

Karma is about situations with other Humans, unfinished business, feelings to be completed and a system in interaction. Life lessons are totally and completely personal, and only about you with you.

Typical life lessons to be learned are listed here for you to see. Know that these only belong to you if you feel they do. Each human has one or more, and each Human comes in with this as an overlay. Once the Human solves them, this solution is carried to the next life and never has to be learned again.

Learn to love
Learn to listen
Learn to receive
Learn to love yourself
Learn to speak your truth
Learn how not to be a victim
Learn not to let anyone define you
Learn how to feel your own mastery
Learn how to live with others Humans
Learn how to get out of blaming others
Learn to move out of duality [drop your karma]
Learn to take care of yourself more than others
Learn that you deserve to be here and are not dirty when you are born

Each one of these are profoundly personal. They don’t involve family, a karmic groove or group energy. They are yours personally and you work on them for lifetimes, just like you do karma. However, in this new energy, they are all on the table to be solved.

Given in love…

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