Life Coach, MetaPhysician

Let go, Let come

If you continue to think like you have always have
done – you will experience what you have always experienced.
It’s time to break those unproductive thought and action patterns!

By upgrading your thinking now, you will begin to experience better
quality results in your life on a consistent basis.

Find and eliminate the unproductive thoughts which keep you from
experiencing the quality of life that you truly deserve. In order
to do so, we need to start with a process that I call “Completing
Your Past.”

The process of experiencing low self-esteem at certain key moments
of your life is most often caused by unproductive beliefs and
associations you have with regard to specific events and situations
in your life.

Long ago, something happened or someone said something that caused
you to feel poorly about yourself and your self-image took a hit.
From that point onward, you began to see yourself as flawed in some way
and so you interpreted subsequent events from this distorted

The process of completing your past is a rather extensive process.
In fact, it is the most extensive process in the formula for optimal
self-esteem. This course is not the appropriate place to go through
the entire process, but it is certainly a great place to get you

In order to begin this process, go to a quite place and make
yourself comfortable. Ask yourself the following questions
repeatedly, until you begin to gain access to some answers.

* What negative early experiences can I recall from my childhood
that negatively affected my self-image?
* In what ways did these experiences influence the person I have

* In what areas of my life do I feel inadequate?
* What are the origins of these feelings?

* Do I often feel the need to strive for perfection?
* If so, when did I first realize I was imperfect or somehow flawed?

* In what ways do I tend to feel inadequate?
* When did I first recall feeling this way?

* How was I overly hard on myself or judgmental?
* How might I reframe what happened to create a different
conclusion that is sourced in love, understanding, and forgiveness?

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