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Here is all of you

(Another reason to choose to feel good you are sharing it)
The Interdimensional Human

The last time we were together, we spoke of the multiple parts of you. We spoke of how much of you is spread around the universe, but you are not aware of it. Not all of you is contained in that skin you gave a name for, which you call Human. Pieces and parts of you are on the other side of the veil – ones that you never even knew you had. We explained to you that it had to be that way. Who do you think is “up there” planning all this? It’s you! What do you think co-creation is about? What do you think synchronicity is about? It’s about planning between Human Beings and between the Higher-Selves of Human Beings on an interdimensional plane. You do understand, don’t you, that you are someone else’s synchronicity? It must be that way.
We spoke of the multiple parts of your guide-set. We spoke about all the pieces and the parts that go to what we call the guide-energy “soup.” We told you that you can no longer try to count them – an old energy concept. They are infinite, yet one. It’s time to take the names off of them, take them imaginary skin off of them – even the wings. See it for what it is – a grand and glorious energy that belongs to you. Call it a choir of energy that sings your vibration, if you wish. You won’t be that far wrong.

~ Kryon, A New Beginning – Channelled by Lee Carroll ~

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