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December 21, marks the end of the 26,000-year Great Galactic Year cycle. This moment in our 3D life is when timelines collapse and we reach a point when all of those timelines meet. It will begin the resetting of time, in which the Light will rise once again.

With our move out of the darkness will come a transition period when we will need to get used to the Light. Think of the times when you have awakened from a deep sleep in a darkened room and suddenly looked out at the dazzling morning sun. There was an adjustment period while your eyes got used to the light.

So it will be on December 21, the moment when we leave the dark tunnel behind us and venture out into the Light. Nor can we expect to instantly adapt: entering the light will be a gradual process. But, once our light vibrations have been raised, we will be ready to be mentored by our benevolent friends from the Galactic Federation.

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