Life Coach, MetaPhysician


The least understood and appreciated function that we use is INTENTION. Without intention energy doesn’t do anything. The most limiting and too often used is “ya but”. We are our own limitation. There is nothing wrong with any of us. Existence/spirit doesn’t make wrong. And that is the disease we suffer from, trying to fix something that isn’t broken. Trying to perfect something that is already ‘perfectly imperfect. We are what we chose to be as our spiritual challenge of awareness. To recognize and understand the value of our creation ‘US’. Acception of ourselves AS IS, is our essential purpose, to latterly ‘Lighten up’ and be the Light workers we are. The time is now, the conscious awareness of our Divineness is increasing daily. AS conscious Light workers our job is to visualize the world the way we want it to be so it can materialize. So lets be a Nike and JUST DO IT!

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