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More to come

Ready, set, go. Once you have taken up Federation membership, as did the Agarthans long ago, you will be in a position to begin carrying out the directives conferred on you by Heaven. These directives enable you to formally cement the agreements expressed in the Treaty of Anchara. The former ‘children of Anchara’ are to receive Light Bodies and with them, ascend to full consciousness. This will create the energies for transforming this entire galaxy into Light! This goal lies behind the series of divine actions that are, even now, affecting this whole region of physicality. The dark is on general retreat as we enter a new great galactic year for this aspect of physicality and we rejoice as we watch the way the Light is able to transform such a wide swath of this sector of physicality. One of the wonders you are shortly to explore is the untold diversity of life in each of the thousands of galaxies that dot this part of physicality. Indeed, one of our greatest joys is conferring with each other as we watch the magical unfoldment of everything touched by the Light.

At this time your perceptions are still subject to an imposed xenophobia which makes you suspicious and often fearful of what lies around you in this galaxy and beyond. However, once in full consciousness, you will be amazed at what Heaven has produced on the planets of the innumerable star systems which fill the immensity of galaxy upon galaxy. Our Science & Exploration teams daily report on new discoveries. Physicality is a vast and endlessly enthralling ‘smorgasbord’ of diversity and adventure that is presently way beyond your imagining, and we long to share it with you and assist you in your early missions to those civilizations that long to partake of what you will have so valiantly regained: full consciousness. This divinely bestowed service will link us into an immense union that extols the Love and Light emanating ceaselessly from AEON. We are in awe of, and inspired by, those Beings who in great Love brought forth physicality and set out the details of the divine plan

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