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You can do it

Something to consider in 2013:

“One small change in the flight of a butterfly can create a storm.
One small change in consciousness can transform humanity”

There is a famous theory known as the butterfly effect that refers
to the idea that a butterfly’s wings might create tiny changes
in the atmosphere that may ultimately alter the path of a tornado
or delay, accelerate or even prevent the occurrence of a tornado in
another location.

The butterfly effect can also be related to human behavior too.

When we make positive changes to our daily habits this can rub
off on those closest to us. This in turn can influence the people
they meet, and so on.

I used to feel hopelessly frustrated with the world thinking that
there was no way I could make a difference.

Then I realized that all I need to do is change myself first.

In the words of the late great Gandhi, who was so right:

“If we would change ourselves, the tendencies in the world
would also change. As a person changes their own nature,
so does the attitude of the world change towards them. …
We need not wait to see what others do.”

I leave you with those thoughts as we are about to enter 2013.

Make this coming year, your best year ever!

Let go, Let come

If you continue to think like you have always have
done – you will experience what you have always experienced.
It’s time to break those unproductive thought and action patterns!

By upgrading your thinking now, you will begin to experience better
quality results in your life on a consistent basis.

Find and eliminate the unproductive thoughts which keep you from
experiencing the quality of life that you truly deserve. In order
to do so, we need to start with a process that I call “Completing
Your Past.”

The process of experiencing low self-esteem at certain key moments
of your life is most often caused by unproductive beliefs and
associations you have with regard to specific events and situations
in your life.

Long ago, something happened or someone said something that caused
you to feel poorly about yourself and your self-image took a hit.
From that point onward, you began to see yourself as flawed in some way
and so you interpreted subsequent events from this distorted

The process of completing your past is a rather extensive process.
In fact, it is the most extensive process in the formula for optimal
self-esteem. This course is not the appropriate place to go through
the entire process, but it is certainly a great place to get you

In order to begin this process, go to a quite place and make
yourself comfortable. Ask yourself the following questions
repeatedly, until you begin to gain access to some answers.

* What negative early experiences can I recall from my childhood
that negatively affected my self-image?
* In what ways did these experiences influence the person I have

* In what areas of my life do I feel inadequate?
* What are the origins of these feelings?

* Do I often feel the need to strive for perfection?
* If so, when did I first realize I was imperfect or somehow flawed?

* In what ways do I tend to feel inadequate?
* When did I first recall feeling this way?

* How was I overly hard on myself or judgmental?
* How might I reframe what happened to create a different
conclusion that is sourced in love, understanding, and forgiveness?

How it all began

For those care to know:

About 200,000 years ago is when it literally began. The concept of the “divine seeding” of planet Earth happened at that point, and the fields metaphorically started to be ploughed. There is an issue and we’re going to call it the way species work with Gaia. This is something that happened simultaneously with the grid creation of Gaia. For now we give you something that no one has thought about. When we speak of the grids of the planet, you make an assumption that these grids always existed on the planet. For the planet is old and you might say, “Well the grids have always been there.” But I’m here to tell you that only one was always there, and that’s the magnetic grid. But it was spiritually void. That is to say, it only had that which was created from the Earth’s core movement. Today, when we talk about the grids of the planet, our conversation involves the consciousness of humanity, which is imbued upon the magnetic grid. We also tell you about the Crystalline Grid and about the Grid of Gaia consciousness. Both of these react to Human compassion.
Now, here is the puzzle: If you don’t have divine Human consciousness, then what about the grids? Do they exist without the Human Being? The answer is that they needed to be created simultaneously with the seeding of divine DNA. So what the Pleiadians did was not only to start the seeds of humanity’s change into divine DNA, but they created the conscious grids of Gaia as well. They had to, for the conscious grids of Gaia are a confluence of humanity’s decisions brought to Gaia’s energy. The consciousness that we are talking about is the spiritually sanctioned Human Being that exists with a piece of God inside him, and with DNA that has 23 chromosomes instead of the common 24 that all the others have through biological evolution.

~ Kryon Channelling by Lee Carroll 8/12/12 ~

We have work to do

We have work to do:
Galactic society forges a bond between you and all the elements that make up this all-inclusive, wide-ranging society, and so you need to begin to see society as an organic, interactive whole of which you are a vital part. Its essence is unity consciousness, and in the interim before you become fully conscious, you can use your intuition to interact with these forerunner governments in bold and innovative ways. Very quickly you can begin to see what a powerful and creative impact you have on your society. However, we have one caveat for you: be lovingly aware of one another, and use your Love and generosity to guide your actions. Learn how to flow with each other with new understanding. Our mentors will be on hand to advise you when necessary and to guide you in these very new ways, as you are likely to find so much newness somewhat confusing at first. Your mentors can take a look at your intentions and advise you on your most viable options. As you progress, you will find a host of questions popping up which will shape your understanding of your roles in this new, more conscious society.

Our purpose is to prepare you for full consciousness. Once you scale back the cycles of war, destruction, and hate, you can explore the myriad ways to implement cooperation and Love for the good of all. This is something of a ‘tall order’ because your societies are crammed with barrier upon barrier of every sort and description, many of which you take as inevitable, which they are not. You are being asked to launch forth and reverse just about everything you grew up with, in order to create a foundation for your galactic society. This truly is a massive education project and you can begin to comprehend the necessity for having mentors to guide you in the beginning. You will be learning through practice and we hope that the societal ‘rules’ we shall introduce to you will quickly be seen as optimally beneficial. This is a strange but exciting and challenging time for you because so much is expected of you. It is no easy matter to lay aside what you have learned from your parents and peers. Your mentors will be lovingly at your side to help you ‘root’ a society that is to be very different from what you now know.

Here is all of you

(Another reason to choose to feel good you are sharing it)
The Interdimensional Human

The last time we were together, we spoke of the multiple parts of you. We spoke of how much of you is spread around the universe, but you are not aware of it. Not all of you is contained in that skin you gave a name for, which you call Human. Pieces and parts of you are on the other side of the veil – ones that you never even knew you had. We explained to you that it had to be that way. Who do you think is “up there” planning all this? It’s you! What do you think co-creation is about? What do you think synchronicity is about? It’s about planning between Human Beings and between the Higher-Selves of Human Beings on an interdimensional plane. You do understand, don’t you, that you are someone else’s synchronicity? It must be that way.
We spoke of the multiple parts of your guide-set. We spoke about all the pieces and the parts that go to what we call the guide-energy “soup.” We told you that you can no longer try to count them – an old energy concept. They are infinite, yet one. It’s time to take the names off of them, take them imaginary skin off of them – even the wings. See it for what it is – a grand and glorious energy that belongs to you. Call it a choir of energy that sings your vibration, if you wish. You won’t be that far wrong.

~ Kryon, A New Beginning – Channelled by Lee Carroll ~

Merry Christmas

It’s time to give yourself a Christmas present, more conscious awareness: A New world check list: Things to be aware of and choose to say “I don’t do that any more! I AM feeling good!” As a preferred choice.
Comparing, judging self and others, complaining, finding fault, reacting negatively to what we or others do or don’t do, shame. blame,guilt, sadness. It’s time to be more ‘Response-Able.

I AM that I AM concept

The God Concept in Mind Reality

God = All-That-Is, Pure Consciousness, Universal Mind, Source of All, Prime Creator, One Infinite Creator

Elohim = A Group of Creator Light Beings that are involved in the Creation of our world

Yahweh = One of the Elohim who is involved in the Creation of the Human Species and is our Planetary Logos

Lucifer = A Being of Light that is involved in presenting polarity into our world for freewill evolution of humanity

Jesus = A Master that incarnated to teach awareness of Source. In Christian perspective, Jesus is an extension of Yahweh

Man = An Aspect of Prime Creator that is in third density embodiment for the human experience. Prime Creator is All Things.

“I have said you are gods; and all of you are children of the Most High.” – Psalms 82:6

“Even though the Church preaches many good things, there are many most essential truths of spirituality which I wonder why are not being mentioned. Three of these are: “All is God/One”, “You Create Your Reality” and “The Laws of the Universe.” Lucifer says that many of our Logos and sub-logos do not want our worship. They want us to understand Creation and our place in it. They also point us to our Self and tell us to follow our own inner guidance and decide our own truth.

The highest level source energy beings such as Abraham Hicks say there are many games being played. Lucifer also says it is all a game and when the game is over, all beings will return to the light. Such a highly evolved spiritual concept is not mentioned in the Bible at all.”

– Enoch Mind Reality

“Yahweh is the Creator of the Human life form, and all of us who incarnate as human beings are actually also considered to be “Yahweh”. The human DNA elements of hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen and carbon corresponds to the Hebrew letters of Yod, Heh, Wav, Gimel (YHWG). Carbon is what makes us physical because it is the element of dust. When carbon is replaced with nitrogen, it becomes YHWH. Hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen are all colorless and odorless gasses. This is the Breath of God by which our essence is made of. The word meditate is made up of the Hebrew letters Heh-Gimel-Heh. Meditate to experience God Consciousness.

Yahweh as Planetary Logos is also a Social Memory Complex which means all who are created by Yahweh are part of the Group Soul Yahweh, and can also be called as Yahweh. In other words, all of us human beings collectively are Yahweh. Yahweh expresses Himself in so many ways. Jehoshaphat is Yahweh Judges. Joseph is Yahweh Increases. Joshua is Yahweh Saves, and the Name of Jesus also has the same meaning. That is why although Jesus is Yahweh, every human is also Yahweh.

The God of Christianity is Yahweh, and He tends to talk of Himself as The All (Most High God). But Yahweh is actually a portion of The All. He is a Planetary Logos or Deity, and The Creator of the Human life form. But Yahweh recognizes Himself as The All and speaks of Himself as The All. But that does not make Him greater than us, or make us lesser than Him. Is Yahweh an individual being with an individual personality? Yes, therefore He is like us. We are all portions of The All. Therefore what Yahweh says about Himself, we also are. Because all portions of The All is The All experiencing itself as that portion.

In other words, the grandest expression that Yahweh can make of Himself is also an expression that all portions of The All can make of themselves. If you have problem with a certain expression made by Yahweh, think about whether it is the grandest expression. Is “I am a jealous God” the grandest expression? No. But the grandest expressions Yahweh makes are “I AM God”, “I AM the Most High”, “I AM The All”, and “I AM Source.” You can also make such expressions regarding Who You Really Are. And this is also one grandest expression: “I AM that I AM.”

“I have said you are gods; and all of you are children of the Most High.” – Psalms 82:6

(All of you are portions of The All/Whole).”

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