Life Coach, MetaPhysician

The time is now

The time has now come for citizens of Earth to remain aware of how they can support the paradise vibrations that are a natural part of the Divine Crystalline Blueprint for your Earth and for humanity. When the remembrance of paradise expands within your consciousness, it can assist you in merging with more of your God Presence since your Presence is always abiding in the joy and wellbeing that the Paradise vibrations are still sustaining within and around your Earth. All of the fear-based energies that have created so much pain in your world were all created out of humanity’s thoughts and feelings, yet now you have the opportunity to move your consciousness into alignment with the Divine Crystalline Blueprint that was designed to launch humanity into the 5th dimension. This is so easy that we don’t give it the credit it deserves. BY our individual choices to be more positive when we think, speak and feel, we have earned the privilege of assertion. Now it’s up to us to accept it and use this increased energy responsibly. Be more aware of your use of your energy. Think before you speak, don’t judge what you or anyone does. Love yourself for being response-able. Send love and compassion to those who are struggling. Understand that we are all doing our best at all times and can do better next time because experiences are our teachers. Use “I don’t do that any more! I’m feeling good!” every time you realize that you are being negative habitual. Enjoy your life. It’s always a choice.

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