Life Coach, MetaPhysician


It’s up to us! Paradise is a natural part of life when you are living as your Presence in Unity Consciousness. Oneness or Unity does not imply sameness or the disappearance of your True Self. In fact, your uniqueness is very valuable to the whole of humankind based on all the gifts you have gathered throughout your many sojourns on the Earth and elsewhere. Your unique viewpoints and gifts can expand the joy and often the wisdom of those who may be joining you in co-creative Golden Age projects.

Creating on the 5th dimension will involve shifting out of the desires of your ego that are not taking into account the larger good of the whole, which includes you! This is why the term Unity Consciousness is being used to define how you will be living in the new Golden Age. Your Master Self will then be creating out of the heart of your in-the-moment knowing as well as out of the akashic information that will naturally be reconnecting you with your ancient memories of having lived in oneness in previous Golden Ages.

Even now you are actually adding new information to the crystalline domains of your personal and collective akasha that will go down in history as part of the Great Shift that changed the course of human history. We are all here to support you in making this shift a reality within you, and upon the planet. It is you ~ living as your glorious God Presence or Christ Self ~ that will truly determine your world making a smooth ascension into the 5th dimension. Just do it.

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