Life Coach, MetaPhysician

Feel good time

The shift in energy taking place all over the planet is truly quite astounding when you compare the present energy state with what has been typical over the last few decades. Basically, in the last three or four years many people have grown to realize the sad fact that inflexibility is not a sign of strength but of incompetence or unwillingness in dealing with complex issues that need resolution. It is now generally understood – but frequently not by elected officials or those in positions of authority – that open discussion by all parties with freedom of access to all the pertinent facts and information is the only way to achieve lasting resolution. Limiting the negotiations in a way that avoids dealing with the issues that divide the participants has proved ineffective, in fact quite useless.

The divine energy field that envelops you all, and that is affecting your individual energy fields, is leading to a softening of attitudes that is enabling respect for one another and a desire to find solutions that honor all involved to be suggested and discussed. This inspires trust and honors the integrity of the negotiators so that cooperative sharing of views can replace damaging strategies that previously divided you into winners and losers, where, in truth, no one really won.

This remarkable change in your ability to perceive divisive issues in a clearer light is largely due to your collective choice to find a new way to relate to one another at all levels of society. And that choice is achieving a momentum that is unstoppable. Dishonesty, corruption, and dissemblance in discussions, negotiations, and relationships have now become generally unacceptable, and will soon no longer be used to distort arguments and conversations for the benefit of one and the disadvantage of another. The new age will be an age of honesty and openness never before seen on Earth, and it will dissolve the last remnants of the fear and anxiety that has been an almost constant cause of distress in your lives. So cheer up and look for the value of your experiences.

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