Life Coach, MetaPhysician

Important days

November 28th Full Moon Lunar Eclipse: Think integration and
intensification of all current energies. Gratitude, compassion and a willingness to
slooooow down, listen and go with the flow with assist with gracefully making our
way through the accelerating change.

==> 12-12-12 Gateway: A day to seed our Highest Intentions and visions,
embedding these in the cosmic matrix of creation, in order to lay the
foundation for what we are choosing to manifest and experience.

===> 12-21-12: Closing the Cycle and Birthing of a New Humanity. All the prep
work we’ve done over the last few months, years (many lifetimes!) will culminate
on this day. Jose Arguelles shares this:

“Closing the cycle means to bring all of humanity as one planetary family in a
state of peace and harmony to this cosmically climactic point in time, the end of
the great cycle of history.

“The Closing of the Cycle is a cosmic event, a rare passage of the aeon. The aeon is
the impossibly immense cycle containing all of the other cycles, and is itself but a
fractal of a divine thought moment. The smallest cycle that is closing is the Great
Cycle of history, a span of 5,125 years. It is also the conclusion of a 26,000 year
cycle — a precession of the zodiac or Platonic (Pleaidian) Great Year. And it is the
ending of a cycle of 104,000 years. A lot has happened in that time, not just on
our little planet but throughout the solar system and our entire galaxy. We have
all been called. We have chosen to be here for this grand finale.”

Beloveds, this is graduation day and a time to be with our Beloveds and celebrate!
Groups all over the Globe are creating events, and we’ll be sharing more info on
these as we draw nearer.

==> 12-31-2012: End of the 2012 year and Day 42 of the HeartFire
Gateways 2012 celebration wave. In counting up to Dec. 31st, we will close
out this momentous year together … with our HeartsFire Gateways open wide as
we enter a new calendar year, a new cycle of time, and together Illuminate the
world with our Love and Gratitude. Whohoooooo!

Join us here:

Remember this, Beloveds …we’re all in this together. By choosing to go through
these upcoming Gateways and Initiations with Love and Gratitude, we are lighting
the way for ourselves and others, too.

So turn on your HeartLight. Let your Love shine. Go with Gratitude and BE the
change you wish to see the world.

Together we are better … each radiant HeartFire illuminates the Way for One
and all.

Through the ethers of time, Rumi beckons:

“Love has come to rule and transform…
Stay awake my heart
Stay awake.”

Thank you for being co-conspirators on this Great Journey of Love.
Thank you for being our Hearts! Thank you for being YOU!

In Love, Light and Heart full of Gratitude,

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