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More Kryon:Intelligent Cells?

Let us talk about intuitive motion. Modern medicine does not like this – that there are Lightworkers using their own bodies to test the chemicals and the foods that they should put into them. You call it kinesiology – muscle testing. Somehow, some way, your body is supposed to know, beyond what your brain or your intellect knows, of what’s good for you and what’s bad for you. Therefore, you see many Lightworkers walking around doing these kinds of testing on their bodies, and it looks odd to those who don’t share the belief. “Too weird!” they say. “That is the silliest thing I’ve ever seen. What are those people doing?”

Let’s put it into perspective. Will you cross this esoteric bridge with me? What’s your biology designed to do? My partner, I want you to go slow on this one. [Kryon is speaking to Lee as if nobody could hear, except that Lee always verbalizes it anyway.] What if you had a disease in your body? Let’s pretend it was something like a cancer and it’s present in you right now. Oh, intellectual one, whose brain is at the top of the evolutionary ladder, why is it you don’t know it? Why doesn’t your brain alert you? Aren’t you tuned into the cellular structure of every cell? Shouldn’t your brain be getting the messages that something is growing inside you that’s not only inappropriate, but that might even cause your death? Every system in your body is wired up to talk to your brain! So why don’t you know it?

I will tell you. You evolved this way, for your body is about survival and it’s always in survival mode FIRST. If there were a neural protocol to inform you every time your body’s antibodies went into action, you would be in constant anxiety – very bad for survival. No, you’re kept from it. It’s a total and complete block. You could be carrying it around with you and discover it accidentally, too late. It doesn’t seem right, does it? However, you are designed to have a consciousness where the brain believes that the body’s defenses are good enough to take care of anything, so it doesn’t bother you with the details.

But your cellular structure knows all about it, wouldn’t you think? Every cell knows what’s going on. So you have then a subconscious system that is working these things. Perhaps for months there has been a battle every day within your cells, yet you walk around having no idea. So a system exists that takes the innate knowledge of what is going on in your cellular structure and communicates it to you. It’s out of the intellectual loop (very difficult to believe for logical thinkers) and it is called kinesiology.

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