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Self awareness from Kryon

Self awareness from Kryon:
The 3D approach to battle is that if you have an enemy, you defeat it. In 3D, you go to battle and you kill it. Then it’s gone, and you arise victorious and you say, “That which was part of the evil in me has been slain and now it is gone.” That’s reasonable to you. So there are a lot of places where you can go to “slay the monster within,” and you don’t have to look far for help with this. But this isn’t the case with duality, for you are with it all your life. To destroy it means the death of the Human. But many say, “It doesn’t make sense to have an enemy that is so strong within me… and just let it be. It must be dealt with.” But you do deal with this energy within you without the concept of elimination. Instead, we call it balance… and this, dear one, is an advanced concept for almost every Human alive. For it must void out the instinct of survival in the core sense of the word. It transcends the flee or fight feelings, and replaces them with a wisdom that is what we have been trying to give you for 18 years.

Therefore, this Lesson Two is the acknowledgment of that which is in you, which you don’t want to even admit is there. It’s a stretch to believe that you have God inside… but it’s not that hard to find it. But to believe that core evil is also within you is an insult to your intellectual self, and the integrity that most of you carry for an honest life. In other words, this whole concept is one that you must examine “out of the box.”

Revelations of the Truth of Duality

The duality reveals itself in so many different ways. I shouldn’t even have to list them, but for those who are just coming into this, I will… from those things that are minor to those things that are not.

Drama is one. Drama. Have you met those Human Beings who survive only by spinning in drama? The irony is that they are the ones who will be on the phone to you, the Lightworker, for you’re balanced, and carry a light that attracts those who are not. They’ll say, “There is more drama than I can stand in my life. There is this and there is that. I thought I had handled this, but this came back.” Then you will patiently give them your wisdom, for the 100th time, and it will be good, as it always has been. But when you hang up that phone, you know what’ll happen, don’t you? They will not take your advice at all. They just wanted a voice on the other end telling them what they already knew! Then the next day you get the call and they will say, “Well, this has happened and this has happened, and this has happened. It just seems to keep going.” Finally, you might even tell them the truth… you might say, “Are you aware that you are drawing this all to you? That you survive on it?” And they will say, “Never! I would never ask for such a thing!” But, they do. And I’ll tell you why: Because they are comfortable with it. For if there was no drama in their life, they would have to look at the shaman that they are! Blessed is the Human Being who has dropped the drama and seen the spiritual side, for quite often the drama hides something just as profound – a light that will pour into their life. But they are so afraid of it! Therefore, drama covers up having to deal with reality, and drama becomes comfortable.

Worry is next. Worry about everything! Those who worry are those who feel that they are powerless to create anything! There are those of you waking up at three in the morning, worrying about the fact that you don’t have anything to worry about! When you start to balance that dark thing inside you called duality, one of the things that goes away is worry, because you have a sense that the system is starting to work, and, indeed, you’re not alone. There’s a plan, and worry starts to drop away. But it’s that dark thing that wants to wake you up and say, “Well, look at this! Let’s worry about it.” Then it gives you this, what you call a “laundry list,” of things to worry about. That’s when you cannot even go back to sleep. Then you get up. You know what that feels like, don’t you? That’s absolutely Human.

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