Life Coach, MetaPhysician

Free Choice

Clarity from Kryon:
Free choice would seem to be a simple aspect. Free choice to a Human Being means that you have free will to choose anything you want. But it isn’t that way at all. You can only choose things you can conceive of or that you think you can change. You cannot choose things that do not appear to you to be choosable. For instance, rats in a maze have free choice. They can go anywhere they want to. But one of the choices that never occurs to a rat is to remove the matrix. It’s not in their consciousness or their reality because they have solid walls before them that represent the maze. So they simply try to choose a direction within the walls and the puzzle in front of them.

Humans live in a perception of a dimensionality, much like an example of living in black and white instead of color. You might say humans have always had free choice in black and white, yet they’re not aware of color. So if you don’t have color, you are not going to choose red or blue or green. Understand? Now, imagine for a moment that those colors were a multidimensional reality. Therefore, the Human Being (although he has free choice) can’t even conceive of the things that he cannot conceive of. So he doesn’t choose a color, because he doesn’t know it exists. So that, dear ones, is what is changing. You’re going to start to see concepts that never were concepts! Prepare for color!

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