Life Coach, MetaPhysician

Wake up plea

It’s such a good feeling that the Dark Cabal is on it’s way out. It certainly is time for us to choose to be sense-able and use our energies to create Light, Love, Acceptance, Appreciation, Gratitude and Awareness of the choice we have to manifest all of that by being response-able for what ‘We’ do when we Think, Feel and Speak. It’s that simple. The Fear of Darkness creates more Fear. Trust and Faith creates the power to not only cope but to attract positive solutions. Being negative in any way is a choice that is disrespectful to ourselves and everyone else. What are we nuts or what? WE are so insecure and have so little self respect that we embrace ‘Victimhood’ instead of seeing our life as a Spiritual Challenge to transform into a success story. Who’s movie is it and who’s in charge? It’s wake up time folks. Get your shit together and lets create the world we want instead of suffering what we have been creating. Lets do it. it’s totally up to us! Wake up and be nice to yourself and everyone else. The time is now!

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