Life Coach, MetaPhysician

Sun energy

We know that the Sun affects our bodies, and when there is a large amount of energy from the Sun, our production changes. Right now, our production is very limited. Why? Because it depends on our eyes. If there was more energy on the Earth, the center of our eyes would open more. We would realize that there were no empty places on the planet. The space that is in between me and you, from your perspective, it is empty. If you put on x-ray vision glasses, you would see that there is energy between us, and that there are no empty spaces anywhere on this Earth. Actually, it is the concentration of energy that lets our bodies become hard. The energy between us is also matter; it’s just that the vibration is different. We have known this for a very long time.

Today, the Sun has increased its vibration, and for this reason, many people are experiencing many perceptions. There are people who see angels. They have visions, and some smell aromas. They are connecting themselves to another world. This is what doctors call “schizophrenia.” In true reality, that’s not true. This is a new perception we are experiencing. For this reason, it is very important to realize a change in perception.

What do we do? Do we return to ancestral rituals or do we remain with technology? The young ones love technology. This is a way to communicate throughout the entire world. If you do not love technology, you become forgotten in today’s world. But the young ones are also interested in what the elders are saying. I figured out a way for the young ones to interact on all levels. You take the wisdom of the ancestors and combine it with technology.

Everything that you observe on this planet in technology has been done before. There is nothing new on this planet. The only thing that hasn’t been done before is learning how to live in peace. We have lived for thousands of years without peace. We are always struggling with one another. If I’m better than you, where my borders are, if I’m taller than you…We are always competing. We become better people when we absorb knowledge from each other. We see different visions. This is how we cooperate. Everything has sound and generates a frequency. The drums, maracas, animals all have a frequency. We listen better when we observe. Every technological element is a copy of nature.

Our body is energy and generates sound and vibration. We can generate the Solar energy. If you want to generate a great change, you can’t do it if you’re sick. You can’t do it if you’re depressed. You have to have enough energy to generate this great change in consciousness. But how do we generate ourselves with this energy? You should be able to wake up every morning with joy. The Sun is blocked right now. Between our bodies and the Sun there’s a block. TV and radio waves block the Sun’s energy. The majority of the sunshine comes from the Earth back to the clouds. We can generate this energy by using the wisdom of our ancestors. All the archaeology zones teach us that we have a mathematical system, a geometric form, and it has frequency and sound. When the wisdom of the Maya was ending, the knowledge expanded. It was brought to Asia and Europe. This knowledge was divided. We are now beginning to reintegrate it. Why? Because this is the way we recuperate our essence of God. The world will not change if we do not change ourselves. We all here at this conference are generating a frequency that has not existed before. We can’t continue to think that the world will end because your body moves all of reality. If you think about negativity, then something negative will happen.

So what’s happening is that our old bodies are still generators of energy. But just prepare your body so that all of the energy we live focuses on the world we want to live in. That’s why we have used science so much as well as the ancestral wisdom. We need to balance our brains. Music is not just “Do re mi fa so.” We had hundreds of scales. When the musicians came to teach music to us, they said we didn’t know music. They gave us the five scales. Our brains disconnected from the knowledge. However, more of this is coming back through the creation of new instruments. Our music connects you to the total consciousness, amplifies your awareness, and then your body generates more energy.”

The wisdom of the Shaman continues to teach us that we are all becoming free, and in that, our choices flourish through expression and creativity. We need not feed the fear. Rather, use this wisdom to become more in line by becoming our own particle accelerators.

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