Life Coach, MetaPhysician


The Key to Conscious Awareness is Acceptance. What is….is! The problem is our judgement, our assessment of what is. We give everything labels, starting with ourselves. Before assessment there is just people and stuff, then comes our labels, our ideas of all of it. Good stuff, bad stuff, right stuff, wrong stuff. Until we add our labels it’s just stuff. It all begins with our self evaluation more of the same kind of labels. We create our idea of our own value and then live down to it and spend our life trying to fix it, to change it, to perfect it and we judge everything else the way we judge ourselves. There is nothing wrong with us, Existence, God doesn’t make mistakes we can’t be wrong, we can’t even do wrong. The worst we can do is Silly and Stupid. ‘Free will’ means Choice, even No Choice is a choice. We are our own unique creation, there is only one of us and this gives us the opportunity to walk our own path and learn what being what we are can teach us, the value of being this unique individual. There is nothing to perfect only something to understand. Our purpose is ‘SElf AWARENESS AS IS’ NOT TRYING TO BE LIKE SOMEONE ELSE. There is nothing to prove, just something to understand and love and enjoy. The ‘Choice’ is ours

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