Life Coach, MetaPhysician

Break free

Time to break free: We are such creatures of habit. We pretty much do the same things everyday in the same way. It’s familiar, comfortable and safe. We need to break free of our habits and do different things. We need to risk success. We need to clean house. Many in our world are facing problems in their personal lives at this time. It is as you know, a time of clearing out the clutter and eliminating all that you cannot take with you on your journey into the higher levels and frequencies. There is no judgment here that you should put upon yourselves or others, it is simply a fact that everything has to be reinstated into its natural and perfect form. Old illusions of the past cannot and may not be taken forward into your new lives. So everything dear ones that no longer serves you in one form or another must be left behind. Before it can be disposed of it has to be acknowledged, loved and accepted and then dissolved. All of the dear ones in your lives that are facing so many seemingly insurmountable problems are simply cleaning out the clutter in their closets to be able to move on one way or another. Just do it and welcome change.

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