Life Coach, MetaPhysician

A moment of truth

A brief sharing from a Kryon channeling about you.
Drama and worry lead to lack of self-worth and fear. You look at yourself in the mirror and all you see is an aging Human Being, and that’s all you think life is about. “Where is my youth?” you say. “Why can’t I go backwards?” you say. “What is life about? I am such a small part of this system.” And that dark thing inside you will say, “Right on! Boy, have you’ve got it right. You’re nothing! You never will be. You’re here by accident. When you die, that’s it, you’re gone.” And for whatever reason, the Human hangs his head and says, “Correct.”

In your perspective, it may not be fair, what I’m about to say. But fair is 3D for you, and does not represent the grandness of what Humans have set up for themselves on this planet. For the dark side of you is easy to bring out. The God side of you is not. The irony is that it is so easy to bring out that you have denied it and created an entity who is responsible… the devil. So it seems that the devil is everywhere! And God is nowhere. The reality is that this is the balance of duality. You have to look for God, but your dark side is always pushing the buttons. It was created this way and is fair in its balance. You will see why in the last section, for the discovery of the God-self tilts the balance forever. There are reasons for all of this that are very profound, but difficult to explain in 3D. There’s got to be a balance, a yin and a yang to everything within nature. It’s always about balance. The test of energy on Earth is done by pieces of God disguised as Humans. They come and go, changing parts in this play of energy. They are not being tested, but rather are performing the test themselves. Where will the balance go when you give them both dark and light? And what will happen to Earth? The answers are hidden from you, but are part of the Universe itself, and the fabric of what everything is about right now regarding this earth, the only planet of free choice, for now.

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