Life Coach, MetaPhysician

Be intelligent

It’s time to be intelligent. To be intelligent we need to give ourselves permission to be selfish. To be selfish we need to give ourselves what we want, the way we want it. Then we can share what we have with who ever we wish to. Do you suffer from low self esteem? Do you wallow in self pity? What a silly thing to do. Until you Love yourself you don’t know what love is or feels like. We can only feel and share what we already have. Don’t be a beggar looking for acceptance from someone else. Accept and love yourself there is only one person in this world like our self, wow! that.s really unique. We are what we wanted to be. We have no one to prove anything to except our self. The more we understand the person we created and the value of our creation, the more we will love and appreciate what we really are and the more we will have to share. Why not? The choice is ours and it’s a wise choice.

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