Life Coach, MetaPhysician

Take charge

Doubt your doubts and face your fears, choose to feel good.
Assistance to move from fear into love is constantly with you — waiting only for your call. So don’t hesitate! As soon as you sense anxiety or fear invading your energy field, make the call for assistance and you will receive it! While you are experiencing physical existence within the illusion, your bodies keep drawing your attention to your separateness; it is their purpose. And so you do need help to maintain your awareness that all are one and that bodies and their sense of separateness are distractions of the illusion. You have been under their influence for so long that it can seem insane not to react spontaneously to their demands for your attention, but the further you move away from fear and towards love the less power they have to influence and move you. And remember, the power that they do have is the power that you have given them.

Your choice to embrace the Love field surrounding you is the way to access your power and bring into your conscious awareness the realization that no one and no thing can or does control you. You are one with God and so His Will is yours. The small will that you chose to have and use within the illusion is as nothing compared to the Will that you share with God. Embracing the field of Love that is all around you will confirm this and enable you to engage with your true power: the divine energy field in which all sentient beings have their existence.

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