Life Coach, MetaPhysician


The divine Love field enveloping the planet is available to all. It is there to assist you by merging with your individual energy fields so that your hearts may open in unconditional love and acceptance of all of creation and of yourselves. It is the infinitely inclusive and eternal field of Love in which you were all created and from which absolutely nothing is separated or excluded. When you awaken, the magnificence of this will fill you with joy and wonder, as you fully and finally understand that you all truly are essential components or aspects of the Supreme Being, God, the infinite creative Source within which everything has its eternal existence lovingly and securely maintained.

However, over the eons, negative energies resulting from your sense of separateness have established an atmosphere of fear in the illusion, and it has become very pervasive. You do need to make a very positive intent to open your hearts to the Love surrounding you and to release those fears which serve only to divide you from one another. And it is an intent that you need to maintain — by being aware that you can and do make the choice between fear and love in every moment. Choose love and release your fears. At first it can seem very difficult because it appears that there is so much to fear; and this is when you need to ask for and will receive immediate assistance from whomsoever in the spiritual realms you call upon. How? I don’t do that any more I’M feeling good !

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