Life Coach, MetaPhysician


What ever aggravates you or pushes you buttons are really your best friends. When we really understand and know ourselves we will no longer chose to feel disrespected or disturbed by what anything especially what’s outside of us. We can use our power to stay centered instead of giving it to outside influences to feel judged, attacked and dis respected. Actually when we chose to be reactive we are disrespecting ourselves. That’s silly and stupid. The only thing we have the power to control is our own energy. When we chose to react; get angry, be offended, dislike, hate, be sad, be resentful etc. who’s doing that? we are. Are we nuts or what? Using anything we cant control to feel bad is a form of self-punishment. Who is feeling bad!, we are and using the outside world to upset our inner world, not to bright. Good idea…
I don’t do that anymore! I’m feeling good!

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