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A Kryon gift: The Changing System of Karma

I would like to again explain what is happening regarding karma. This is an old spiritual process that will always be with you and the planet Earth. It is described very succinctly within some of the oldest belief systems on the planet. Still true to this day, it’s an energy system that will be in place and will operate all by itself, just like so many other things about the energy of life. Even if the Human Being does nothing at all to see it or recognize it, it is still present and will affect what the Human does.

Important: Individual Humans are not predestined to do anything on Earth. There is no predetermined path [predestination]. Instead, by default, they are predisposed to follow a karmic path that they do simply because it’s there and they come into the planet with the emotional equipment to follow it automatically. Let me explain this. So many things are in the works at this moment, including your own free choice not to have free choice! You’re in a battle right now and, indeed, if you allow consciousness to shift in a backward situation, even in an enlightened, vibrating Earth can have free will dictate that it will no longer have free will! It would be like taking a vote not to allow any more voting! That is how powerful you are. You are angels and you can create whatever it is on the earth that you wish to create. The darkest dark and the lightest light are both on your pallet of energy colors. Whatever it is you wish, you may do. It is a critical time.

Don’t blame

We should never blame ourselves or anyone. Free Will means we have the choice of what we do when we think, feel and speak it’s up to us. Everyone is doing the best they can at all times. So no matter what is done, it was the best that could be done in that moment, if they could have done better they would have. We all want to do our best and we do. So making a judgment and blaming our self or anyone, is adding insult to injury. The only thing we should judge is how to do better next time, how to improve. Experience is our teacher this is the way to learn, do it and then choose to improve. Don’t surrender to blame, blame is lame. Look for the ‘Win’ What did I see that I can learn and feel good about. Then just do it.


Conventional intelligence is linked to the capability of an individual to assimilate and convey facts as well as manage challenging situations. Intelligence Quotient, IQ, measures the brain’s ability to grasp, retain and recall factual knowledge. Emotional Intelligence, EQ, measures the ability to understand and maturely manage people and challenges. Spiritual Intelligence, SI, expands the horizon beyond the ego.It attunes one to a larger circle of awareness and influence. Spiritually evolved people remain connected with a sense of universal oneness.This enables them to respond to trying situations and issues in a remarkably composed manner. To stay centered and go with the flow. This is especially important during this time of major changes we are experiencing. Trust and faith will carry us to the other shore.


The Key to Conscious Awareness is Acceptance. What is….is! The problem is our judgement, our assessment of what is. We give everything labels, starting with ourselves. Before assessment there is just people and stuff, then comes our labels, our ideas of all of it. Good stuff, bad stuff, right stuff, wrong stuff. Until we add our labels it’s just stuff. It all begins with our self evaluation more of the same kind of labels. We create our idea of our own value and then live down to it and spend our life trying to fix it, to change it, to perfect it and we judge everything else the way we judge ourselves. There is nothing wrong with us, Existence, God doesn’t make mistakes we can’t be wrong, we can’t even do wrong. The worst we can do is Silly and Stupid. ‘Free will’ means Choice, even No Choice is a choice. We are our own unique creation, there is only one of us and this gives us the opportunity to walk our own path and learn what being what we are can teach us, the value of being this unique individual. There is nothing to perfect only something to understand. Our purpose is ‘SElf AWARENESS AS IS’ NOT TRYING TO BE LIKE SOMEONE ELSE. There is nothing to prove, just something to understand and love and enjoy. The ‘Choice’ is ours


Whatever it is that you want, or want more of, we owe to ourselves to find a way of actively practicing it in order to invite it into our lives. “Those that go searching for love, only manifest their own lovelessness. And the loveless never find love; only the loving find love.” Wrote D.H. Lawrence. We manifest what we think about, change your focus, think differently and you’ll change your life accordingly. If love is what you want, practice loving yourself. The law of attraction; like attracts like, love attracts love. It all depends on us. We are what we think, feel and speak. Energy follows intention, we are the creator. In this time of increased consciousness be aware of what you are or are not doing. It’s up to you. What do you want? What are you willing to do to get it? The choice is yours. I don’t do that any more! I’m feeling good!

Self love again

Do you suffer from low self esteem? Do you wallow in self pity? Why do you want to do that. We are conditioned to believe that loving ones self is being selfish. Until you choose to love yourself, love isn’t available, nor can it be truly expressed because we don’t know the feeling. When we love ourselves we have love to share. It doesn’t come from the outer world, it comes from within. If you would like to see the love of your life then LOOK IN THE MIRROR! The more we give to ourselves the more we have to share. A good beginning to self is the thought for today: I am complete within myself, complete within the world and in that completeness I find oneness with the entire universe. I love you, I’m sorry please for give me, thank you. I love you Hooponopono.

Are you ready?

There are many levels of your light that you are about to embrace, as there are many new levels of your humanness that you have been afraid to embrace. Announce to yourself the receiving of all levels of love – whether it is love that has pained you in the past, love that is unrequited, love that turns its head and walks away from you. Announce love to yourself, for the next level of your awakening can only be accessed through the human heart.

In order for you to rise to this next level of ascension, of light, and enlightenment – you must do it through the loves of your past. Mercury retrograde from will escort you in this clearly defined thought process. You will be asked to go back To shuffle through time and to pick through the remnants to find the shininess of love that once was. It is through this doorway of past loves that you will then walk into the newest of love that you will wear as a golden garment of light.

For all of you that sit within this sphere will walk into a higher love, but you must take several steps backward to pick up what you have dropped by the wayside so knowingly and so easily. Caress it, shine it up, and place it in your heart. For in the time of the eclipses, there will be a total eclipse of your human heart as you remember how you have gotten to this place of thinking that you now reside. There will be a time that you walk into your human heart and you will want to stay there in all aloneness. You will want to back away from those who reach their hands out as a she crab upon a sandy beach. You will go deep within the shell of self and lick the wounds of the past, of the injustices, of the hurts. Like all species of animal on earth – the salvia that you lick your wounds with – will be healing for you. It will be your own love and your own nurturing that you give to what your heart and soul so desire.

You have side-stepped in precision – what your heart yearns to be. You have side-stepped in exactness – where your heart yearns to be. You have side-stepped your future and you have lain comfortable in the quagmire of the past. It is this frequency of sidestepping that you must now walk straight into. In walking straight ahead – you will meet all levels of you. You will experience reflection after reflection after reflection as you go into the ‘Hall of Mirrors’ of who you have always been, who you are intending to be, and who the universe has scribed for you to become.

Most people of earth are afraid of love. They are afraid of the very thing that will set them free from the limitations of their earthly sphere. love is the ‘ladder of ascension’ –it is a ladder of Light, a stairway to heaven. In order to access this ladder of ascension you must always through your own heart and not through the heart of another. The heart of another will only lead you back to your own heart. No other heart will fulfill you as you need fulfilled. They can nurture you, they can polish you, they can buff you, and they can love you – but first you must receive what you have been given. You all stand on the seashores of the past and you look out to sea to see what you may see. And what do you see? — you see all the hurts, the wounds, the injustices. How many of the blessings have you forgotten? How easily the darkness arises to your memory and how easily your human memory forgets the blessings, the grace, the good tidings that you have received and given to so many.

You are on the very porch of your next level of light. You must open the door and go in. And in there you will see your past. You will see everything that once hurt. You will see everything that brought a smile to your face. You will see a panoramic life review as you look at it all and say — thank you for allowing me to be who I am. For every individual that crossed your life has contributed to the recipe of your soul, the ingredients of love that you hold. Be open to this doorway. Ask to receive in fullness higher levels of love. Ask the universe to show you how to love more, to show you how to receive love, and to show you how to radiate love.

You each hold such a large sphere of light. Every place you enter into, you change the vibration Do this with a knowing. Do it with love. When you find yourself in anger – immediately shift to love. Practice this over and over again in your day. For everything that makes you angry, is asking for your love. Each level of love that you walk into as a warrior will take you closer to an Ascension level of your own heart and into your higher light. All truths that you seek are within your grasp. To access them you must ‘believe with a knowing’ and know it with a believing’.


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