Life Coach, MetaPhysician

Two choices

We have two choices and they go together. The first choice is to learn from experience how to take better care of ourselves. To understand our potential, to realize the value of what we have created as a unique individual in this particular body. To figure out how to manifest the abundance we desire, which is our birth right. To enjoy the spiritual challenges we chose, by transforming them into positive expressions of light. The second choice for all of us is to share the wisdom we have gathered and the process that we used with others and to encourage them to join the same Conscious Awareness Club that we have. We are so fortunate to be alive during this transformation into the 5th Dimension reality that we are now experiencing. This incredible change of vibration of energy frequency that empowers us to visualize and plant the seeds of the world that all of us want to live in. A world of intelligent and sensible people that live together in a world of diversity with acceptance, understanding, harmony, Love and Caring, with pride of accomplishment. Why not? It’s up to us, the choice is ours!

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