Life Coach, MetaPhysician


I’m constantly amazed by how difficult some people think making positive changes in their lives is. We can be such victims to our belief systems. What we think and how we think is up to us we aren’t victims, we are creatures of habit. And who’s thinking? we are, which means its a choice that we make every time we think, speak and feel, we’re doing it. This is generally habitual, we do it again and again unconsciously, without fore-thought. When we choose to think about what we do before we do it, and take cause and effect into consideration, we can make better choices. We are playing an energy game unconsciously and suffering the results, not a brilliant idea, especially when we could our life so much better with a little fore-thought and conscious effort. We all want a better life but it’s up to us to create it. Why not it can be as easy as we choose to make it. Just do it

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