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Dear ones, do not build any walls around your beliefs. Open every single door and examine every book. Go to places where you would not normally go, and ask yourselves, your spiritual guides, and any angel anywhere… to give you the truth. Don’t be judgmental. Don’t draw lines between this and that. Unify your divinity, and discern without outside bias. Ask the question of everyone you can… In any dimension: “Is this real or not? What’s really taking place?”
I’ll tell you this. The Human Beings who do this will get truthful answers at the cellular level. They will get them without being at a channeling and without anyone talking about love. They’ll get them sitting alone in a room that says that in an emotional way, and they’ll feel the hug of spirit that says that not only did you change reality, but this is not a trick. This is a new Earth, a new dispensation, with a new kind of Human. It’s time to join the New World
~ Kryon, Book Ten – as channelled by Lee Carroll ~

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