Life Coach, MetaPhysician

A training in Pune,India

It’s time for more of us to be more involved in our changing world. This can be accomplished by anyone who really cares. We need to be more aware of the simplicity of change. The basic problem is our belief system. What we believe can interfere with what’s available. By changing basic beliefs that we developed about ourselves as a child we open up to progressive possibilities. With the use of bio-feedback this is accomplished simply and easily. We are teaching this technique in our 10 day Counselor training Oct. 8th to 18th. This will open up the ability to be available to this gift of increased conscious. Once learned we can then choose to assist others to prepare themselves as well. Lets get more response-able for highest good. The time is now.
A planetary shift has taken place and the wish and the intent to relieve suffering wherever it occurs has become normal. Many have difficulty in understanding that this is a new way of thought and behavior, because life spans and memories within the illusion are short. But this shift in attitudes has been leading you back towards Reality, towards awakening, and encouraging the seeds of hope for a far, far better way of living to germinate, grow, and now flourish. There will be no turning back from this far more friendly and loving way of living, and the consequentially far more appropriate ways of resolving whatever issues arise to be dealt with.

This is apparent in so many areas as people make important decisions to alter structures to enable creative ideas and solutions to develop where, before, basically inflexible systems just maintained the status quo, or even moved backwards by rescinding actions that had been helpful and progressive in attempts to reestablish and reinforce the suppression of the many by the few. The endemic fear that has enveloped humanity for eons was the ongoing cause of all of this, and this fear is now being dissolved as Love sweeps across the planet embracing all in Its path. It is irresistible.

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