Life Coach, MetaPhysician

More preparation

A message from ADAMA / The Island of Light; more preparation:
Beloved ones, there is nowhere to go, nothing to do, but stay in your hearts. This is the key to your awakening into full consciousness. Sometimes no words are needed, just a loving presence. Cultivate the love and emanate your love consciously to all those around you. So set the intent on a daily basis to be the best that you can be. Shine your light and your love in a friendly manner with everyone you meet, strangers included. You will have a great effect on those around you. This is often enough and may be your purpose and why you are here.

You do not always need to be well known or glamorously performing in front of others to make a difference. Just be your loving self and relax and know that this is enough unless you are called to do more. It is often a simple act of kindness that makes the most difference in someone else’s life. So remember this and go about your days with intent and conscious friendly communication. Take the time to greet others. You will see, even if it’s only a smile it will make a difference and help them have a better day. You have no idea beloved ones how your sweet presence makes a difference in the lives of others. Just believe us that it does. We close now and bless you all with our love until we meet again very soon.

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