Life Coach, MetaPhysician

A game of acceptance

The most freeing game to play is ‘Self Acceptance AS Is’ If it’s true and you created what you are the way you are why do think you did that? If we are unique then what’s so unique about me? First lets write down what we think is our assets, what’s my power? What do I feel good about me when I think about me? Write it down. Take your time count your blessings. These are my creations that I feel good about. Now make another list. What do I feel or think is wrong about me? What are my short comings? Write them down. What don’t I like about me? Don’t be shy, take your time, write them down. Now lets look at these creations (I did this? how interesting.) Take them one at a time and see them as opportunities to develop Power and Conscious Awareness. What value can I see in each of these creations? Why did I choose to play with each of these so called limitations? How would my self esteem improve by transforming each of them into a positive opportunity to grow and achieve the inner power available in all creations. When I can understand that I created them as a part of my Game Plan, my spiritual challenge, I can use them as an advantage instead as ‘Self Punishment’ We are all perfectly imperfect on purpose. Lets figure out the values of our creations instead of suffering. Good Game!

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