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What do you want and what are you willing to do to get it? This is a question we should keep asking the person we see in the mirror. We are so identified with a subconscious feeling of victim hood, servitude, helplessness when things get difficult. We forget that we have a choice to welcome our challenges and grow from the experience instead of being resentful. When we choose to be grateful for our challenges we automatically attract solutions that will enable us to cope and transform whatever into a personal success story. Every problem has a built in solution we just need trust and faith in our ability to figure it out. Seek and ye shall find. Ask and it shall be delivered unto you. So again: What do you want and what are you willing to do to get it?

Two choices

We have two choices and they go together. The first choice is to learn from experience how to take better care of ourselves. To understand our potential, to realize the value of what we have created as a unique individual in this particular body. To figure out how to manifest the abundance we desire, which is our birth right. To enjoy the spiritual challenges we chose, by transforming them into positive expressions of light. The second choice for all of us is to share the wisdom we have gathered and the process that we used with others and to encourage them to join the same Conscious Awareness Club that we have. We are so fortunate to be alive during this transformation into the 5th Dimension reality that we are now experiencing. This incredible change of vibration of energy frequency that empowers us to visualize and plant the seeds of the world that all of us want to live in. A world of intelligent and sensible people that live together in a world of diversity with acceptance, understanding, harmony, Love and Caring, with pride of accomplishment. Why not? It’s up to us, the choice is ours!

Self acceptance

Until we understand how we’ve confused ourself and why, self acceptance is a very difficult task. We have purposely made our life difficult as our spiritual challenge. Once we really understand what we did and why, it becomes very clear what we need to do to make the changes we want to. This process can be done in an easy and non-threatening way by working with our cellular memories using biofeedback. We can answer our own questions and find our own solutions. We just need a little professional assistance. There is nothing wrong with any of us. We came here to enjoy our life and manifest our dreams. We just got lost in negative emotional identification.


Gnostic sources often do depict Jesus answering questions, taking the role of teacher, revealer, and spiritual master. But here, too, the gnostic model stands close to the psychotherapeutic one. Both acknowledge the need for guidance, but only as a provisional measure. The purpose of accepting authority is to learn to outgrow it. When one becomes mature, one no longer needs any external authority. The one who formerly took the place of a disciple comes to recognize himself as Jesus’ “twin brother.” Who, then, is Jesus the teacher? Thomas the Contender identifies him simply as “the knowledge of the truth.” According to the Gospel of Thomas, Jesus refused to validate the experience that the disciples must discover for themselves:
They said to him, “Tell us who you are so that we may believe in you.” He said to them, “You read the face of the sky and of the earth, but you have not recognized the one who is before you, and you do not know how to read this moment.”

~ The Gnostic Gospels – Elaine Pagels ~

A Poem

Here is a poem from my first book: Heaven is an Attitude Vol.# 1

A Glimpse of Beauty

I love my self because I’m me;
The only one who can really see.

What I really need within my soul;
So I can accomplish my earthly goal.

When I examine the way I feel;
And accept in my heart its no big deal,

I’ve learned from others that life is hard;
And I need to be constantly on my guard.

I must protect myself from the pitfalls of life;
That brings me nothing but sorrow and strife.

And so I’ve watched the world pass by;
And watched the people moan and cry.

Then I thought this is absurd;
They haven’t listened to the spiritual word,

They‘re looking for the Darkness not the light;
It seems to be everywhere not just at night.
I said to myself while inside looking;
This world is a pot of Wisdom cooking,

Cooking up lessons in my daily life;
So I can learn to transform misery and strife.

Into something, an idea, not really new;

Spirit all is spirit, Spirit is all there is;
No matter whose form it takes;
Be it yours or his or hers.

All that I need to do to make it all work;
Is to take care of myself and stop being a jerk!

If we are created as part of it all;
Then its time to stop complaining and make living a ball.

Knowing now in my every cell;
That it all up to me to make my life Heaven or Hell.

The responsibility for my life, the way I perceive;
Is always controlled by what I believe,

I need to examine what others have said;
To see how much from them is stuffed in my head.

I’ll then have a choice to respond in a new way;
To life’s constant challenges that come everyday,

These changes I make will then lead me to see;
The beautiful things I’m doing for me.

I now begin each day with love in my heart;
Please believe me when I say, it’s a wonderful start.

Now Existence smiles and showers me with love;
As I learn to create a world here, like the one up above.

This isn’t the end, it’s just the beginning

Get involved

The time is now! I know that you have probably suffered more than usual these past few months. The energy of change has been forcing all of us to shift. You would have to have been living in a cave somewhere not to notice the changes in the world at rapid speed.

There are Powerful Cosmic Forces at work that are causing Massive Shifts in our World.

Learning how to ride these waves of change has never been more important than right now!!!!

Those who are ready will find it easy and those who are not will be left behind and will struggle!

The energy shifts will raise challenges for everyone. When this happens there will be a divide between those who can see through the veil of illusion and those who get caught up in the delusion and story……that difference would mean whether you will finally breakthrough to your magnificent life or remain stuck in the blocks you have been fighting against!!!

LEARN the difference so that you can be a 100% sure that you are ready for SUCCESS!!!
Our new training can be the boost you need to open up to a new level of consciousness.


I’m constantly amazed by how difficult some people think making positive changes in their lives is. We can be such victims to our belief systems. What we think and how we think is up to us we aren’t victims, we are creatures of habit. And who’s thinking? we are, which means its a choice that we make every time we think, speak and feel, we’re doing it. This is generally habitual, we do it again and again unconsciously, without fore-thought. When we choose to think about what we do before we do it, and take cause and effect into consideration, we can make better choices. We are playing an energy game unconsciously and suffering the results, not a brilliant idea, especially when we could our life so much better with a little fore-thought and conscious effort. We all want a better life but it’s up to us to create it. Why not it can be as easy as we choose to make it. Just do it

OPen Doors

You can make this easier to do with our 10 day training.

Dear ones, do not build any walls around your beliefs. Open every single door and examine every book. Go to places where you would not normally go, and ask yourselves, your spiritual guides, and any angel anywhere… to give you the truth. Don’t be judgmental. Don’t draw lines between this and that. Unify your divinity, and discern without outside bias. Ask the question of everyone you can… In any dimension: “Is this real or not? What’s really taking place?”
I’ll tell you this. The Human Beings who do this will get truthful answers at the cellular level. They will get them without being at a channeling and without anyone talking about love. They’ll get them sitting alone in a room that says that in an emotional way, and they’ll feel the hug of spirit that says that not only did you change reality, but this is not a trick. This is a new Earth, a new dispensation, with a new kind of Human. It’s time to join the New World
~ Kryon, Book Ten – as channelled by Lee Carroll ~

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