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Stay shinny

The apparent interminability of the waiting

We are all one. You know that. It means, among many other things, that we in the spiritual realms are constantly aware of you doing your best to awaken yourselves and all of humanity from the illusion. It is a difficult and sometimes exhausting task that you chose to take on, and we honor you dearly for your courage and your persistence. You are succeeding! It just seems that it is taking far longer than you expected to achieve fulfillment of that undertaking, and so it has become a chore for you, whereas when you agreed to do it you engaged with it with enormously high hopes and incredible enthusiasm.

And those hopes and enthusiasm were, and remain, totally justified. In the illusion the lack of a sense of the divine energies, the faintness of their essence, the apparent interminability of the waiting, and the lack of vitality many of you are experiencing is very draining. You knew that you would have these kinds of draining experiences before you incarnated, but when you look at the picture from afar, as you were doing, it is impossible to imagine such contingencies in any meaningful way. The experience is the experience. Until you have had it, you cannot possibly understand or truly imagine it. And that is another reason why you are so honored and respected in the spiritual realms. It took enormous amounts of courage to accept this challenge, and you have measured up to it brilliantly.

Consider re-programming

The belief system in our brain is always doing its best to protect us from fear, pain and fear of more pain to come. This is good although there is a problem, we created our belief system before we were 7 years old. In present time, under stress, we react from this childhood belief system automatically. From conception to around 6 1/2 we are functioning with instinctive self protection. Our ability to be reason-able isn’t functioning yet. So under stress we react with 7 year old doubts and fears. Reprogramming this old childhood belief system, can make major changes for us and restore
considerable trust and faith in the way we see and value our ability to accomplish our hearts desires. This reprogramming can be accomplished simply and easily when ever we decide it’s a good idea. It’s time to get out of our own way so we can be open to the advantages of more Conscious Awareness that’s being offered to us now.


Our life and our world is a result of our Intention, personally and collectively. What we think and feel is what we get tomorrow. Our messy world is the product of messy thinking. We generally have little or no awareness of our power. We don’t really consider that the way we react to what we see or experience has much influence on our life and our world, when the opposite is what true. By choosing to be response-able, considering whether we are being positive or negative when we think and speak, we are consciously improving our world both inner and outer. Pretty simple and very effective. Why not? It’s a ‘Feel Good’ gesture.

I’m involved

Changing the world one brain at a time! How committed am I ? The idea of a new and better life and world is attractive to all of us. Of course we all want to see positive change especially within. What do we do about it that’s the main question? How much response-ability am I using to make it all happen? How many times during the day do I choose to change my old and boring habits to feeling good? Do I spend a few minutes at night reviewing my day and changing ant of my careless reactions to conscious a response? How committed am I to being a part of the ‘Light brigade’ in the new world we are asked to help create? And if not? Why not?

Time to take control

As more and more of us consider and perhaps accept that we are indeed in the midst of a planetary shift, a change and increase of the energy that we are apart of and influenced by, what can we and should we do? The answer is so simple, so easy that our mind, our belief system has trouble accepting even the possibility of major change being available. The first step is to choose to Doubt your Doubt. All doubts, fears and limitations are a product of our self created belief system. We live down to what we believe to be true. There is nothing wrong with us, existence doesn’t make mistakes, all so called limitations are chosen spiritual challenges we chose to find the value, to our growth and expansion of conscious awareness. We never choose anything we can’t find something of value to us that experience is offering to us. We just haven’t been looking the good. This new energy brings us several advantages. WE now have the power to LET GO AND LET COME! The Game of Life has been changed. Change your focus, change your life. Take response-ability to choose to be available to the Conscious Awareness that is available for everyone that really wants it. Stop being a victim to your belief system. How? ‘I don’t do that any more! I’M feeling good!’

Rainbow Circle


The Hopi & Navajo speak of… the Whirling Rainbow Prophecy. Much of this amazing prophecy has either already occured or is happening in our lifetimes. When speaking to author, Jamie Sams about of the prophecy, the Grandmothers revealed that there are spiritual practices such as the Whirling Rainbow of Peace that can be used in these times. Jamie Sams writes: “In the Seneca Tradition, Grandmother Twylah taught us many uses for the Whirling Rainbow of Peace. When we are having difficulty in any situation, we visualize the Rainbow of Peace encircling the situation, the people involved, and the disharmony. Then we twinkle our eyes with joy, sending our inner-peace to the situation. In using this technique and following it with ceremony, we place our intention inside the Whirling Rainbow of Peace.”

Here’s a brief and simple way I like to do this. Adjust it according to what your heart and highest guidance tells you. It feels appropriate right now to share this with all of you because of all that is going on in the world right now with the birds, fish, and other earth changes. We are never powerless in these situations, the power that we have is spiritual power. With our spiritual power there is always some way for us to co-create.

Envision the rainbow circle of peace around yourself.

Envision the rainbow circle of peace around the others in your life and all others you interact with.

Envision the rainbow circle around the plants and trees of the earth.

Envision the rainbow circle around the animals, bees, insects

Envision the rainbow circle around the fishes of the water

Envision the rainbow circle around the birds of the air.

Envision the rainbow circle around the whole and entire earth…hold the intentions that all beings be healed in a way that is for their highest good and the highest good of all, then twinkle your eyes with joy and send your peace and love into the circle. Follow this with somekind of ceremony (I like to use a candle lighting ceremony). Then release the image but hold the energetic vibration of peace, love, & healing within you.

In Peace,

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More power

What do you want and what are you willing to do to get it? Seek and ye shall find, ask and it will be given unto you is daily becoming an increased factual reality. Our power to manifest our visual creativity is being increased in cellular DNA. With this change in our cells it is important to make the choice to be more reason able and less habitually reactive. I don’t do that any more is really a must for us to stop increasing negative thoughts and fears. We need to stop playing with doubts and fears. Where there is a will there is a way. Its time to be a seeker, seek and you shall find. Look for what you can do differently to feel about your present and your future. Then think that way and know it will become your truth, be patient change works in baby steps in response to what we choose do with our energy. It’s your movie. What kind will you produce?

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