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Count your blessings

My L.A. + journey is finished everything taken care of, all hurdles handled successfully and I’M on my way back to India arriving the 4th.
So its time for me and you to count our blessings. So far so good! I am grateful for the challenges sent my way, they give me an opportunity to prove to myself that I always have the ability to transform whatever to however and gain in wisdom from the experiences. Good for us! Unity in diversity. .Rock and Roll

Self worth

We all have the same problem “Low Self Worth” Most of us spend our lives trying to be what we think we need to be, to get the Love and Appreciation we want from them. So we do our best to please others and it isn’t the way to go. We need to accept ourselves just as we are, learning from our daily experiences how to do better. When we choose to love ourself and appreciate our efforts, we have love to share. Until we do it that way we are victims to what we feel others do or don’t do to or for us. Dumb and productive of unfulfilled emotions. Sharing what we give to ourselves is the magic of satisfying relationships. We are the only ones that know what we want, so give it to yourself and enjoy your gifts. We are only victims to our own beliefs, change your focus and change your life. Why not its our movie.


We are such creatures of habit that it takes determination and perseverence to change our old habits for new and more productive ones. Its easy to forget especially under stress. The old habit is automatic reaction, the new habit needs to be responsibility, mind before action.Take a minute and think about it before you say or do something. Is your response conscious or re-active, then make a choice. When you make a positive decision congradulate yourself on our your choice. Its time to appreciate our self more for our efforts and it feels great. Do it and see.

Check out your Ego

It is your ancient and egoic mindset that is changing and allowing you to recognize that different perceptions and philosophies are an essential part of living together harmoniously on earth, and that these differences in perception and belief enable far more intelligent methods of dealing with your problems to emerge and be put into effect. As many are declaring through bumper stickers and signs on their properties “War is not the answer.”

So, focus on the positive; behave lovingly in all situations instead of reacting with anger and alarm when “your buttons are pushed.” This is the way to awakening, and you know it. When you live from love, fear dissolves because no one becomes threatened, and issues that seem to divide you can be addressed peacefully and solutions to them achieved which benefit all involved. Soon, harmonious, loving relationships will become normal, and all others will just dissolve as there is no need for them. Demonstrate love at all times and delight in the peace and joy that it brings you.

A period of stillness

You are in a period of stillness awaiting the influx of greater energies that are soon to flood the Planet. Be receptive and open to these energies and absorb as much of them as you are able. Set your intention to receive in grace and ease and it will be so. Many changes continue to take place within your physical bodies and your DNA is being further activated. The next six months will bring through many revelations and a greater connection with your inner truths. Much that has been hidden from you will emerge into the light of day for you to ponder and absorb.

Stay connected to your inner core essence and let it guide your way. This will help you to stay in the knowing of yourself and that which is important for you to follow for the highest and best outcomes in all that occurs in your daily living. In dealing with others, always look to meet them in the areas of common interest and endeavor to reflect to them your Light, and in turn, allow their Light to reflect back to you. You are in a period of igniting each other to the unfoldment of greater visions and dreams. It is an exciting period for all as each seeks to merge with their greater aspects.

This will transpire in different ways for each of you and the outcomes will be wonderfully diverse as each of you express through your Beings that which is uniquely your own essence. Become each others greatest cheering teams, for much joy and laughter will facilitate the moving forward of each of you to your true and rightful place, as the shift of the ages continues to occur. Let go of all remaining fear and doubt, for all that comes through you is the merging of the higher aspects of yourselves. There will be prolonged periods of the feeling of joy that bursts from within you as you leave all that was behind you.

Doubt your doubt

The time of doubt is at an end. The time of hope has begun. Now, you will begin to see real change occur, palpable and observable by all. These matters will come on so quickly it will spin your head. Hold on now for the beginning of the beginning. And as these changes come, so will Gaia react to your hope and love. She is already making changes that will benefit all. There are several more massive earthquakes yet to occur, all with minimal damage to life, as these changes continue.


Your God Presence holds the key to living in the new Golden Age, for only as that Self—which is always and only in the present—can your mind, heart and body see and feel the natural world around you as the paradise it truly is. Living in paradise is a state of mind and a state of being that supports whatever will truly initiate and sustain a Golden Age on every level of life. The world around you was originally created to sustain everyone’s wellbeing and humanity was given the responsibility to create whatever would maintain that wellbeing. You have always been the creators of your world and now a clarion call has gone forth inviting you to build a more loving world that will truly support everyone, as well as the beauty and the wonder of the natural world.

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