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More Self Love

It is or should be interesting and amusing that the most important thing in our world is ‘LOVE’, Love the cohesive force in the universe. The Bible says “Love thy neighbor as you love yourself” Which a large number of us do, the problem is we don’t love ourselves so the neighbors get the same treatment. Until we love ourselves we have little to offer or share except need and greed. We look outside of us for acceptance, appreciation and love. Feeling that when someone can see our value and recognize the true wonderful person we really are, we can accept what we have always felt we were, but needed verification from the outside. When someone tells us how much they love us, we won’t believe them. How could when we don’t really love ourselves? It all begins within! When we choose to understand this person that we have created and appreciate our own struggles and love ourselves for our efforts, self love begins. We are the only ones who know how tough its been and how well we’ve done, that’s worthy of loving our selves. Why look outside for what we can give ourselves? That’s silly and stupid. The game is self Love! When we love ourselves we have Love to share. Sharing what we already have is the purpose of a relationship, not getting from, giving to, with no expectations in return. If someone doesn’t accept our gift, so what they loose. The magic is we have it and it feels great. How simple can it get? Give yourself what you want, the way you want it, and then share it with anyone you choose to share it with. Life is a wonderful game when you understand how to play it. Have fun!


How often do we feel guilty? Guilt is something we learn as a child. We are told repetitively that we are not doing what we should be doing the way we should or should not be doing it. Our parents and relatives have good intentions, they feel they are teaching us by their criticism. Although that has some merit what’s in question is the manner with which it is presented to us. Quite often with a loud voice, a stern reprimand, an accusatory tone. We feel guilty for not knowing or doing different or better. This feeling of being guilty for doing or not doing something becomes an attitudinal habit. When we chose to feel guilty (who’s doing it?) the energy of our body decreases and we develop 1400 negative chemical changes, punishing our self and our body for our in-digressions. WE have never done anything that was wrong! The worst we can do is Silly and Stupid. We can learn from our experiences how to do better or different next time, that’s the game of life, choosing to improve our abilities to cope more consciously. That takes exposure to life’s challenges. We are always doing our best, we are always equal to our challenges and have the ability to do better from our experiences. So lets stop the shame, blame and guilt habit and choose to enjoy the bumpy road to conscious awareness.


How many enemies do we have? A few? many? several? In reality we only have one, and that one is between our ears. Its called our belief system, we are what we believe we are and the outside world and all of the differences of opinion, is also judged by what we believe. This belief system of ours was created by us before we were 7 years old, in reaction to ‘Pain, Fear and Fear of more Pain to come’. From then on when ever we confronted with stressful situations, we automatically react from our belief system, we are creatures of habit and under stress we are less than 7 years old. Its time to change our automatic reaction into response-ability.

2012 update

Here is a 2012 update. We hear many prophecies about this year especially Dec. 21st. The latest from Kryon is, ” We react the mid point of this 36 year cycle we are a part of on the 21st of Dec. and its a good day to meet or gather in groups to focus on planting positive seeds of progress for our world. These seeds will have an increased energy of manifestation for the future of our world and we need to accept that our efforts will have a time of its own. The changes that are occurring and will intensify continually for another 18 years, are the fertile ground for our benefit of planting the seeds of the future. The major changes that are now happening are within each and everyone of us in the way that is harmonious to our individual needs and existing balance. Attitude is the most obvious change that can be recognized in each other. We are all response-able and we are becoming more conscious of that reality. As we understand, so will we accept our individual part in this incredible change that we are all a part of. Its up to us and that’s the basic reason we all chose to be here now. We are in this Love together. Just do it!

Trust and Faith

The most important choice we can make to support our earth adventure is ‘Positive Faith’. Trusting that there is a purpose in all that exists. Looking for the value in every experience, knowing that its there. Understanding that existence, God, Spirit doesn’t make negativity. All negativity is a mind process, as is Evil, The Devil, Hell excreta. Bad is a negative attitude, what we may see as bad is really an inspiration to find the good. There is good, a ‘Win’ in everything. The so called ‘Bad’ is telling us to figure out what good we can choose to do to combat or overcome something to improve our conscious power and improve our lives, to make a different and better judgment. Existence is doing its best to assist our conscious growth, giving us opportunities to create light by transforming difficulties into understanding and personal development. How are you doing with your ‘Trust and Faith’? Every time you choose to see life with that attitude, it feels good. Good idea!

Arcturian chanelling

Message from The Arcturians
Through Marilyn Raffaelle

We come once again to inform you that there are many changes about to take place in your world. Be not afraid as you observe changes to that which you have always known to be a certain way. Be not afraid when edifices of power begin to crumble, for the time is drawing very near to when you will be seeing truth come bursting forth onto your planet in many forms–forms of informational news, forms of talk among yourselves, and forms of the visiting of planetary brothers and sisters who now await the correct time to enter into the picture. This is all part of spiritual evolution which will not be fully complete by the end of this year as many have been led to believe, but is well on its way.

All is proceeding according to plan. All is moving quickly forward into new ways of seeing and being. That which is finished is finished, however remember that it is you who are creating your new world, not us. Many tend to await the arrival of others to change things. It is your enlightened awareness that is manifesting as your outer world. You are the creators. That is why we often cannot answer questions asked about what is going to happen, because we do not know what you are choosing to create. We too are watching and waiting as you create a new enlightened world.

This is a time of strife, loss, and suffering for many but these experiences have been necessary in order to shift humanity out of their comfort zones, so to speak. There are still many, who unless forced, will choose to simply remain steadfast in what is old and finished regardless of how unsatisfying it may have become for them. All who are ready, are now in the process of clearing physical cellular memory as well as any dormant energies still within the emotional and mental bodies.

This is necessary in order to assimilate the new and higher frequencies of “One” — frequencies of Light and unconditional love. These clearings can at times be uncomfortable. Your job is to allow the process, rest more if you need it, but do not claim that which is leaving, back in. This is often inadvertently done through saying; “I am so depressed, I am so this or that…” which occurs because you are re-experiencing some of these old frequencies as they release. Often you feel them as physical or emotional discomfort, but as spiritually aware individuals your job is to simply allow the process. If an issue keeps presenting itself to your thought, then look at it, for it may be something needing to be released in a more conscious way through an honest examination of your belief system.

What about unconditional love? What is unconditional love? It is not the dreamy romantic view that television shows, movies, magazines would have you believe. Nor does unconditional love mean being anyone’s door mat. Unconditional Love is an attained state of consciousness that sees through appearances to the truth.

Unconditional love manifests through an innate recognition of mankind’s spiritual nature in spite of whatever human frailties they may be manifesting. Unconditional love is a consciousness that sees humor in the world, and is not governed by strict and rigid rules declaring that an individual must live only in accord with a particular set of concepts in order to be loveable.

Unconditional Love is the ability to say what needs to be said, which may on occasion have to be firm or even seemingly harsh, while within remembering that the individual or individuals are spiritual beings. This way, the words carry an energy of love and do not reflect the negative.

Unconditional love is the ever present realization of one’s own self as divine being in spite of personal failings. It is a recognition of the “One” manifest as the many. It is an ability to see loving humor in those situations humans often find themselves in, and also in those who may seem different or “odd” by current human standards.

It is an appreciation for differences among people and an understanding of their point of view without entering into their particular energy field. Unconditional love is also the recognition that since there is only One Life, it is the life of all living things, and not just human beings.

This understanding is a facet of your awakening process. Dear ones, you are quickly moving into a deeper and more true awareness of unconditional love, but it often takes a so called disaster to force some individuals to actually look into another’s eyes and recognize that in spite of social, economic, or racial differences, all are spiritual beings having a human experience.
We are not saying that unconditional love means becoming best friends with everyone you meet, but we are saying that like it or not, the new energy is one of unconditional love and if you choose ascension for your path, you must begin to accept that in spite of appearances, all living things are in and of the One Divine Source for It is all there is.

We are the Arcturian Group

Brain Food


Instead of relying on study participants to self-report their food intake (which, of course, is not an exact measure), the researchers used a blood test that showed how much of certain foods each of the 104 healthy male and female study participants (average age 87) was eating. Diets can, of course, change over time, but the blood test gave researchers a ballpark idea of what each subject generally ate. They did not preselect the study participants based on their diets.

Then the researchers gave 42 of the participants brain scans and 12 cognitive tests to all of them to see whether certain diets were associated with improved mental performance. One test checked memory by asking people to recall a paragraph after a delay, and others measured executive function (decision-making, planning, flexibility) by having people connect numbers and letters in a certain sequence as quickly as possible. Researchers also collected brain scans to see whether the diet differences were associated with physical differences in the brain.

Here’s what the research revealed…

What helped the brain: A high concentration in the blood of vitamins B, C, D, and E and omega-3 fatty acids was associated with better executive function, attention and visual and spatial skills. And participants with the best memory skills were more likely to have higher levels of HDL “good” cholesterol…as well as higher levels of two antioxidants—lutein and zeaxanthin.

What hurt the brain: On the other hand, participants with the highest levels of trans fat in their blood had more “brain fog” and smaller brains than other participants.

How wonderful that simply changing your diet might buttress your brain power. To find out why these particular nutrients may have helped or hurt, I called study coauthor Gene Bowman, ND, MPH, an epidemiologist in the department of neurology at Oregon Health & Science University in Portland.


In terms of what helped, some of the nutrients listed above may protect the outer walls of the brain’s cell membranes, he said, allowing the machinery in the cell to keep working properly. Meanwhile, one of the ways that trans fats harm us is that they take the place of the “good” fats in our cell membranes, and that change may lead to deterioration of the cells’ structure.

Of course, it isn’t news that our bodies need vitamins and antioxidants or that trans fats are bad for us. But when research is able to make such a direct link between what we eat and how well certain parts of our bodies function—well, that is the kind of information that makes it much easier for me to say “no thanks” to processed foods and “hello” to foods like three-pepper sauté, kiwi-berry fruit salsa, poached salmon and macadamia “crème fraiche.” I can now easily imagine the nutrients from these foods speeding to my brain cells and keeping them strong. You, too?

Source: Gene Bowman, ND, MPH, an epidemiologist and assistant professor of neurology at Oregon Health & Science University in Portland.
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