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Containing the energy

Containing The Energy

the passing of the torch was the beginning of the place holder entities of this Earth leaving and passing the responsibility to you. It is thus: since the very beginning there has been an energy balance of the planet which had to be consistent, and whose sum had to remain the same. Humans could not hold it by themselves, and so there were place holder entities on the planet. The magic wands, the little people, the divas, the ones who occupied the rocks, and the ones in the sky. Yes, they were all real, even though many were not in your dimension. And as more humans came on to the planet, they left one by one so that the energy would remain the same. Now, do not mistake the energy balance with the vibration level, for the energy must remain constant. It is the vibration which may change with your work, and it is the vibration which is measured by spirit.
And so it is that the passing of the torch began in that month of April, until its completion was begun, resulting in the 12:12 experience. And this is what the 12:12 is actually about. It was the time when the last ones would begin to leave, and as they depart this planet, they turned back and look and say, “it is a marvelous thing that the humans have been able to raise the vibration to a degree where they could contain all of the energy themselves.”

~ Kryon, Book III as channelled by Lee Carroll ~

Mary Magdaline

As Mary Magdalene on the Earth of course I had challenging times but I always reminded myself that whatever occurred I am always strong enough in energy, mind and emotion to overcome and move through with ease. My focus upon compassion allowed me to see the greater plan of the Creator, therefore acknowledging that everything has a purpose and a reason. With compassion and understanding I found myself beaming out love from the very essence of my being. Allow yourself to share compassion with yourself and those around you but let the compassionate energy flow from within your soul rather than an activation of your personality.

The empowerment of the Goddess energy is of such importance at this time, I encourage you to allow the Goddess light to be a support, amongst other light vibrations, to all your spiritual practices and focuses upon the Earth. The Goddess light holds a unique power at this time which has rarely been recognized before on the Earth. The Goddess energy has the power to unlock energies and allow them to reconnect with your being. The process of unlocking dimensions, energy vibrations, connections with guides, consciousness and wisdom which may have been blocked to you because of misunderstanding, fear or control can be awakened and allowed to flow into your vibration once more with the Goddess light. In truth the Goddess light can assist in aligning and merging energies and consciousness with your being to aid further understanding of the self and the Creator. To activate this power there is a need to embody the Goddess light, accepting and experiencing its vibration within your being. For much time I would sit connecting with the Goddess light, building the meaning and purpose of the Goddess light which was personal and appropriate to me. It was for me to hold and act as the Goddess light in all areas and manners of my reality on the Earth as Mary Magdalene and so I became a conscious student of the Goddess light and power, working on a soul personal level. Through my exploration I discovered that I was actually learning about, recognizing and acknowledging my own energy and qualities through my constant connection with the Goddess light.

For much time I perceived a merging process occurring between my own soul and the Goddess light but in actual fact the Goddess light was showing my truth to me. Upon this realization I was very overwhelmed, grateful and a little bashful as I realized the great service that the Goddess light has offered me. It is now my purpose and mission to be of service to others upon the Earth to encourage them to work with the Goddess light or my manifestation of the Goddess light so that we may act as a reflection of your own energies, allowing yourself to see you in your true light and likeness.

The essence of Spirit

The Essence of Spirit

There are aspects of things around you that you may be unaware of. One of the biggest is this: I am here to tell you that the entity that has your name, called Human, may seem to be complete, but it isn’t. Part of you is not here! You have heard the expression, the Higher-Self. This is accurate. Part of this Higher- Self of you is in a planning session, co-creating with the other Higher-Selves of the rest of you in order to create synchronicity – to co-create a new reality with you.
I know this may sound confusing, and we will again channel on the subject. Understand that we must speak of interdimensional things using metaphors in this teaching session, and we will present the following information with the reminder that much of what is to follow is interdimensional and therefore often metaphoric.
Listen carefully. For there will be concepts presented that perhaps you will not understand the first time around. Part of you is not here. Part of you is within what some of you have called the “guides and angels” around you. We call it energy. They cannot be numbered, for they are one, yet they are infinite. You have the very essence of spirit around you constantly, and this essence is a loving essence, ready to be activated with compassion.

~ Kryon, Book Nine as channelled by Lee Carroll ~

Thank you

Thanks for the unexpected birthday greetings, so far so good. At 84 I’m looking forward to many more. Thanks again. We are all so very fortunate to be alive at this time on this earth. We get to experience and be an active participant in the most exciting period of the evolution of our planet. Something a lot of us have been involved with for many life times. I’m pleased and impressed with the constant efforts by those of you who post positive stuff on an ongoing basis. Thank you for your constant participation’s keep up the good work, we are on our way and Gaia is appreciative for our help. Love all of you.


Oftentimes, when we look at other people—our friends, our spouse, our siblings, even our acquaintances—we don’t have questions; we have answers. Armed with our preconceptions and judgments, we close the door of our heart to others instead of leaving it open for them to walk through.

Many times, we don’t step back so we can appreciate those around us. Perhaps their values are different than ours. Perhaps they have a different lifestyle than we do. Nevertheless, it is our job to accept them—just as they are—as part of our life. Why? Because the moment we decide to judge how another person lives, then we put ourselves in the role of the Creator. And we are not the Creator. No one is.

It’s true. When we look at another person, we don’t know how many lifetimes he has lived or what he has done. We don’t know why he was put in the vessel where he now exists, nor do we know what his tomorrow will be. We see only the limited view of this moment, this snapshot in time, so we cannot judge. There are lifetimes of experiences and information invisible to us as well as a future of possibilities that we can’t anticipate.

As we head into the coming holidays, we need to remember that if we want to connect to the full energy available, then we need to be prepared to come with questions rather than answers. We need to prepare ourselves to be open to the likelihood of a new experience and to see ourselves as minute in the world of the Light. Why? Because in reality, the only way that you and I and all of us can become somebody is when we come to understand that we are nobody. In the world of the Light, whatever our position, our honor, or our possessions, everything can change in two seconds. That is why it is so important that we all bear the mark of appreciation.

As human beings, we generally see the cup as half empty: We look at people and immediately judge them for their faults. Most of us don’t automatically turn to another human being and say, “Wow, how wonderful you are!” We usually start by finding faults, those places that seem dark to us.

This week, however, we can make a different choice. We can go forward with appreciation for everything and everyone in our lives, and with this energy, we can open up the door of miracles.

Do goiod

There is a quote by the mystic poet Rumi that goes, “Out beyond ideas of right doing and wrong doing, there is a field: I’ll meet you there.”

I am interested in that field. I am interested in the freedom of that open space. I want to breathe that oxygen. In it there is no fear or shame or guilt or the word “should.” It simply opens its spaciousness to us. Calls forth the possibility of what we can create there.

What do you create? I don’t mean the nouns of your life. I create books, for instance. Those are my “nouns.” But behind that, I create the intention to live at the intersection of heart and mind and craft that is writing. It’s the intention behind our thoughts and behavior and achievements which guides us.

What is your intention? Is your intention to be happy? As much as we are quick to say, “Of course I want to be happy,” I find that we tend to cling to our pain. That we dwell in the victim stance. And that we are daunted by Rumi’s field of freedom. Suffering becomes, in so many cases, our normal.

I propose a different paradigm. And it has to do with the present moment. How do we go out beyond ideas of right doing and wrong doing and should, and open our arms and hearts and souls to that wide open place of freedom? What gets in our way?

Usually, it’s one thing. Us. We get in our own way. We block the flow of freedom which is so available to us. We say no instead of yes. Why? Because we’re scared. We have blind-spots. We can’t believe in our own power. We’d rather stay small and afraid because…because…why?

Broken down like this, it’s hard to see the answer, isn’t it. I think it has to do with the pay off for saying no. “See the world has done us wrong. See what happens when I try? I just get shot down. See-see-see.” We choose our world of hurt and call it home so that we can play victim. So that we can be “right.”

Outside of right doing and wrong doing, what’s there? The present moment. What is it to live in the present moment? We hear about it all the time, whether in church, or yoga practice, or athletics, or a meditative walk in the woods…but what is it like to commit to exiling those thoughts about past and future which take us out of our present moment– moment by moment, no matter what it is that we’re doing?

For me, it begs the question: what can I create? I can create my moment with the intention of bondage. Victimhood. Misery. Or I can create my moment with the intention to be free. To run wild or just wander around quietly in Rumi’s field. To be exactly who you are. And to have it be easy.

The choice is your’s.

Our brain is our computer between our ears. That’s the source of either progress or repetition. And the choice is, as always, ours. What part of your computer is in operation when you choose to think? The back of our brain is the home of our memory where every experience is recorded and stored. The front lobes of our brain is where we go to make new choices, all new choices are a creation of the front part of our brain. Under stressful encounters we automatically go back brain to find how we handled the same type of situation before to survive and repeat old patterns. This is an automatic reactive expression to emotional stress. When we think about what we are faced with and decide what we feel is an intelligent response for the situation, we go fore-brain and make what seems to be appropriate at the time. This is choosing to be ‘Response-able’ instead of ‘Reactive’. All reactions relate to a childhood program we created to survive as a child with limited awareness to available choices. When we choose to be response-able we are aware of what value our choice produced and can choose to repeat the same choice again or choose a different one next time. THe choice is always up to us.

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