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Some have said, “I’m going to let go of my life and let God take over!” This is not what we ask for, dear ones. We wish you to left go of nothing. We wish you to instead grip the situation with the power you have in this New Age and take control with a partner that sees the overview– That’s “Partnering with God.” Some of you have said, “I’m going to surrender my life and let God have His will.” And we say NO! Don’t surrender! instead, Commit!–not surrender. Commitment is to take charge of your life with a partner like God. Let us use a metaphor, because you’re going to understand this better in the context of partnering with human beings. You are familiar with that kind of partnership.

~ Kryon, Book Six as channelled by Lee Carroll ~

Good idea

Forget meadows. The city’s new park will be filled with edible plants, and everything from pears to herbs will be free for the taking.

Seattle’s vision of an urban food oasis is going forward. A seven-acre plot of land in the city’s Beacon Hill neighborhood will be planted with hundreds of different kinds of edibles: walnut and chestnut trees; blueberry and raspberry bushes; fruit trees, including apples and pears; exotics like pineapple, yuzu citrus, guava, persimmons, honeyberries, and lingonberries; herbs; and more. All will be available for public plucking to anyone who wanders into the city’s first food forest.

“This is totally innovative, and has never been done before in a public park,” Margarett Harrison, lead landscape architect for the Beacon Food Forest project, tells TakePart. Harrison is working on construction and permit drawings now and expects to break ground this summer.

The concept of a food forest certainly pushes the envelope on urban agriculture and is grounded in the concept of permaculture, which means it will be perennial and self-sustaining, like a forest is in the wild. Not only is this forest Seattle’s first large-scale permaculture project, but it’s also believed to be the first of its kind in the nation.

“The concept means we consider the soils, companion plants, insects, bugs—everything will be mutually beneficial to each other,” says Harrison.

That the plan came together at all is remarkable on its own. What started as a group project for a permaculture design course ended up as a textbook example of community outreach gone right.

“Friends of the Food Forest undertook heroic outreach efforts to secure neighborhood support. The team mailed over 6,000 postcards in five different languages, tabled at events and fairs, and posted fliers,” writes Robert Mellinger for Crosscut.

Neighborhood input was so valued by the organizers, they even used translators to help Chinese residents have a voice in the planning.

So just who gets to harvest all that low-hanging fruit when the time comes?

“Anyone and everyone,” says Harrison. “There was major discussion about it. People worried, ‘What if someone comes and takes all the blueberries?’ That could very well happen, but maybe someone needed those blueberries. We look at it this way—if we have none at the end of blueberry season, then it means we’re successful.”


Energy info


OK, energy around emotion is obvious, but how about “energy around things.” This is more of a stretch to those who have picked up this book by accident in a metaphysical book store. Can a thing have energy? How about a crystal? Of course. Many can actually feel this with their hands. How about something you love, such as a photo of your mom or dad or your child? Yes! So what is happening is that there is a combination of things taking place here that create energy. Sometimes, like in the crystal, it’s almost totally contained by the object. Other times, like the photo, it’s about your memory and the situation around the photo. But in both cases, there is energy around a “thing” created by a vast diversity of attributes.

~ Kryon, Book Twelve as channelled by Lee Carroll ~

Keep up the good work

Keep up the good work!
Please continue to be good ambassadors for your people, as many eyes are upon you during these important days. Many new allegiances are being forged, and many hatchets are being buried. We wish to thank each and every one of you for your efforts and for volunteering for such a difficult assignment. As we have said all along, what happens here on Earth today has far sweeping implications throughout this entire universe. Please continue to give your all. You are almost at the finish line. An unveiling of sorts is close at hand. Your lives are very soon to receive a much deserved boost that will see the end to many of your long possessed struggles.

Comment on responsibility

A Galactic comment on ‘Responsibility’
Your life is to take on a whole new significance, and your responsibilities, as you can well imagine, will increase proportionally. You are to greet your Inner Earth family and celebrate this new epoch with your spiritual and space brothers and sisters. We are in great joy over being able at this time to walk freely among you and, as many of us did in former times, to teach you about the wonders of Spirit and the joys of being freed from the dark and its fearful theologies. In Love and Light we are to go forth together and sustain Mother Earth and all that live upon her. Whether plant or animal, we rejoice in what all will become. The beauty of Earth, both inner and outer, will be revealed to you. All peoples of this solar system will unite to produce a new star-nation, which will then become the driving energy for transforming this galaxy and indeed all physicality.


The word ‘personality’ comes from the Latin ‘persona’ which means mask.You are an amalgam of matter and spirit.Body, mind and intellect are matter, the real you. Layers of matter make up the mask. And if spirit is part of matter then matter d1oesn’t matter at all. Ignorant of your true nature, you wrongly attribute limitations of body, mind and intellect to yourself and so you suffer.Matter is susceptible to external influences. But you are spirit. Nothing in the world has the power to affect you. Yet you believe that you are week and powerless, at the mercy of your environment and the influence of others. You believe that the only choice you have is No Choice. The choice is always yours. Change your choice to ‘I don’t do that any more! I want to feel good!’ And you’ll change your life. Its up to you! Just do it.

One and only

“The “only planet of free choice” is a puzzling concept to many. Let me tell you again that this means that currently in the Universe, the earth is the only place where a spiritual being has full choice to accept or reject the creator inside. It’s the only planet that can control the vibration of the Gaia energy or vibratory level of the earth.

Therefore, it can “choose” how high to vibrate in a system that will eventually help decide the beginning vibration of yet another Universe. No other planet has this system. Others used to, and one of them is still orbiting around one of the starts in the Seven Sisters system.”

~ Kryon, as channelled by Lee Carroll

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