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Waking consciousness

Masters Saint Germain and Lady Portia:

Your waking consciousness is starting to penetrate into new dimensions of your own internal cosmos and the deeper you go within, the more expanded you become and the greater your connection with the Divine mysteries that are both within and around your body. As the Light increases, many of you are starting to experience yourself as part of all of creation and you are realizing how vast and unlimited you really are, and that no part of you is limited to the 3rd or even the 4th dimension!
Be open and receptive with trust and faith, its time to see with eyes of ‘Appreciation and Gratitude’

Be receptive

It is important during this time of your great awakening to expand your abilities to receive. The cycle you are presently experiencing could be called the time of the Divine Feminine for several good reasons. Regardless of your gender, the feminine aspect of you is connected into your heart’s capacity to receive both Love and Light since your heart is seeded with the original Divine encoding from Source. Your heart is essentially your spiritual chalice.

Your other less known feminine receptors are the etheric fields of energy that are both within and around your body. They are responsible for sending and receiving feelings through your internal waterways. It is through these fluid channels of your body, including your blood, that the love within your heart is ultimately felt as a visceral experience where it can then be shared with others in ways that they too will feel more Divine Love within themselves.

Waking up

As your heart, mind and body assimilate the deeper encodings of the 11.11.11 activation, we come forward to assist you in harmonizing your energy fields with the etheric, multidimensional spectrums of your being that are now being released to bring you into greater alignment with your Presence. As the Opalescent/Diamond frequencies of Source Love and Light continue to enter your body, they are starting to open the original codes of Divine Oneness within the crystalline strands of your DNA that are connected into every cell.
~~ The Councils of Shambala ~~

Change is good

Why fear attachment? Detachment and attachment, both are important. They give us experience and knowledge, a chance to grow and evolve. Our evolution is guided in many different ways. Everything has value. Existence/spirit/God doesn’t create anything that’s valueless. All experiences are opportunities for awareness and an increase of internal power. We are always doing the best we can do. The magic of experience is the choice to learn to do better or different next time, thank you very much for the ability to improve myself with better judgment. Everyday I wake up to a new and different me.

Just be yourself

Isn’t it interesting that when we don’t think there are no problems, we just are. So the only enemy we have is between our ears. Its time to be the master of our own reality, our own feelings. The problem is never the problem, the way we feel about the problem, that’s the real problem. What controls the way we feel? Our belief system, our judge and jury. We have an on going urge to improve what we are in some pre-conceived way, to accomplish something that we don’t have? Existence doesn’t make mistakes, there is nothing to improve or change except our attitude. We can’t be wrong or even do wrong, the worst we can do is ‘Silly and Stupid’ The game of life is ‘Self Awareness’ understanding the value of what we created, ‘US JUST AS WE ARE’ After all there is only one of us in this world! Wow! How unique. So lets take charge of what we created and decide to enjoy us, just as we are.

The time is here

It is time to provide you with truth, facts, and technologies which will permit your communities to move forward successfully under the powerful sword of Truth, Love, humility, and of course, divine grace. We come to mentor your morphing societies and each of you, and this responsibility we gladly take on. We know that after a brief period of preparation you are to be returned to your former state of full consciousness, and so we regard this mentoring time as a grand teaching moment. You are to learn many things that may at first be quite shocking to you, but it needs to be done. Nearly 900,000 years ago you arrived on this world fully conscious and ready to do your part in maintaining this most sacred world. You also spread out to the other water worlds and together created a magnificent star-nation. The time comes for you to repeat this wonderful legacy and once more forge a grand star-nation. Your Agarthan brethren await your reunion with them, and so the time comes for action!

Gaia gratitude

Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters! Around this beautiful world of yours a great rise in consciousness is taking shape. The dark’s guns, police brutality, and even the use of blatant lies cannot stop this grand awakening. This growing global movement desires freedom, personal sovereignty, and prosperity for all. It does not buy into the dire warnings of monetary collapse or the threat of new wars which continuously reverberates around your globe. This movement is spiritual and it seeks peace and a new era of global cooperation. We are most impressed with its adherents’ courage and persistence. These ones are destined to achieve their goals! We are supporting their staunch efforts by applying ever-heavier pressure to have the dark’s minions abdicate their positions of power. We are confident that the time for these actions approaches and that the divine right time for a massive shift in your reality is upon you!

This shift has been greatly boosted by the quantities of new energy flowing in ever-increasing amounts into your world. Your reality is collapsing and now desperately needs to redo itself into something quite different from what you now know. This need for change produces large earthquakes that have rocked your societies over the past half-decade, and more is expected unless you change the way your societies interact with Gaia. She is most respectful of your intentions and deeply wishes you to somehow reciprocate. She knows that only a drastic change in governance and general attitude can bring about this much-needed transformation. She sees this potential in your rising consciousness and heartily cheers you on. We also seek your victory and a full, kind, loving relationship with Gaia and her amazing spiritual entourage!

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