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Take charge

Find the means within yourselves to detach from any seeming chaos that comes forth and maintain those powerful visions of a better World for all upon your beautiful Planet. Daily focus on your heart chakra and feel the pulse of your love reach the hearts of everyone upon, within and around the Planet. It is your love united in Oneness that will change this World. Let all that you think, say and do reflect this.

Time to plan

What do you want and what are you willing to do to get it? Its time to take over you mind and plan for a miracle. If you could be in the world of you dreams what would you be? What would be different about you? How would you feel? Were talking about your inner reality which will attract your outer desires. So start creating your miracle, until you figure it out you can’t have it. Once you make your mind it begins to manifest. See it , believe it, feel it and know that its yours. We need to do this and keep it in mind, repeating it when ever we have the time and space to focus upon it. Keep these going until 11:11:11 ask your higher-self for guidance that wall assist you to make choices that will be appropriate to the new you. On 11:11:11 an increase of energy will be ours, to be a conscious part of the manifestation of increased light and love.

New changes

One moment “normal” human life will be in progress, then suddenly ~~ literally within the blink of an eye ~~ all will have changed. People will rub heir eyes in disbelief a couple of times, as they “awaken” to their stunning new environment and realize immediately with untold delight that they are Home, that they have arrived at the heavenly destination which they have been yearning and seeking for so long. This will be a wake up call so start mow to prepare your self for alignment, be aware, choose to be response-able, take charge of your energy, let go of your doubts and fears. Just do it!

Be a teacher

Those of you who have been part of this spiritual philosophy, who have understood who you are, and the grandness of the changes, have understood that this life is about learning, learning, learning. Now, suddenly, we are telling you that even this is changing. Whereas, you have always felt your place among humanity as students, we’re telling you now that you’re starting to feel like graduates. Oh, it goes beyond graduates, you are now the teachers..

~ Kryon, Book VII as channelled by Lee Carroll ~

Speak no evil

Are you reacting or responding to situations? All reactions are based in our childhood created belief system, mouth before mind. Responses are mind before mouth. Before you speak consider the cause and effect of what you are about to create. When you action returns to you will it please you and make you feel good? Or will it remind you that you were care-less, that you were un-conscious at the time? When we are negative we feel negative and our bodies suffer, not a good idea. Be nice to you and think before you use your energy, be nice to you. Why not its your choice.

Be prepared

Ahead of you lies the shift into full consciousness. In this mode of Being, you can easily recall each second of any life you choose to relive. In so doing, you can see how you entwined each other in various dramas, lasting years, decades, or even lifetimes. The purpose of all this was to go through experiences that would build up your store of wisdom, like choosing to learn certain ‘lessons’ either collectively or individually. Now you are able to discover the value of your past experiences so you can transform doubts and fears into awareness and responsibility therefore raise your vibration and be more prepared for the Galactic Shift.


Freedom from the past, or anything else for that matter always comes in the very instant you stop thinking about it.

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