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How do you feel?

If it really is all Choice, then why do so many people Choose to think negative thoughts and feel bad? Very strange.

About thinking

We have the power to think. But are we free to think? No we are not free to think because we are limited and conditioned by our own belief system. We developed our belief system before we were 7 years old, in reaction to pain, fear and fear of more pain to come. By the time we are 7 tears old, what we belief we are, what we believe the world is completed, its a computer program in our brain, and influences how we think. In present time during stressful feelings we revert to our childhood this childhood belief system and react accordingly. Even disagreements register as threats to us. So to be able to think clearly is difficult. Think about it.

Time for a new contract

Dear ones, you sit in an energy that we predicted 12 years ago. It’s an energy thats going to become far more stable than it has been, but we’ll get to that in a moment. What we want to tell you is this: The attributes of the masters are upon you. What is it all about, you ask? It is about a changing humanity and a changing spirituality. The veil is being slightly lifted! It is being lifted so
that you can see dimly through it the things you never could see before.. Some have asked, “Could
this really be? Can I really change my life?” The answer is yes. You come into this experience with what is called a contract, and the compartmentalization of your brain says, “This is my
contract. It will always be.” So many never understand the truth around this. These contracts are what you agreed to as “starting energies.” They get you going. No angel or prophet ever told
anyone that it was forever! It just feels that way. You had to start somewhere, and your contract is a good place to begin. This beginning starts with where you left off, and is a simple agreement.. It
represents unfinished business; residues of past experience; choice of parents, race, place on the planet, fears, and joys. What is not seen is that the Human who has complete and total free choice
to move in any direction he or she wishes… and yes, that means moving out of the starting contract!. A message from Kryon

Contact Spirit

Worship or adoration of the Divine has the potential to bring one nearer to atonement with Spirit. This could take many forms- rituals,prayer,service, contemplation, a constant urge to know, to name a few. What is important is how intensively that you seek the truth. Spirit is all there is there is only one energy, no matter which form you see it in. Animate, inanimate, solid, liquid, vegetative,human. its all the same with a different purpose.

Self love

You are unique just as you are, there is only one like you and you created yourself. There is nothing to change, nothing to perfect only something to understand. What are the advantages of being this unique person? Self awareness is our challenge, finding the good, the value, the advantage of being me, just as I am is a gift of love that only I can give myself. When I can accept that I’m O.K. just as I am, and love myself, then you’ll be O.K.too and we can share our uniqueness, and love.

chanelled blog

Innovative methods of communication,
healing, and education will unlock.
Futuristic thinkers will utilize
superior sources of energy,
high technology, and transportation.
Churches, synagogues, sanctuary,
medicine wheels and spiritual centers
will walk about on two feet, as
ALL acknowledge the ‘Holy Temple’
living within every beating heart.
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A part of the message from the Tree Spirits

Wherever you are sitting upon the Earth, right now you can call the tree spirits to embrace you in their love and allow your heart to open to accept love. We are not asking for your love we are asking only to share our love, the love of the Creator that we hold with you. If you allow this to occur you will automatically redefine the connection and energetic interaction between humans and trees upon the Earth for all. Hug a Tree and be receptive to their energy.

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