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For angels

Living in time and space just might be the scariest, most heartbreaking, and lonely path an angel could ever choose. Until, of course, they realize that being scared doesn’t mean they can’t make a difference, broken hearts can still love just fine, and that feeling lonely doesn’t mean they’re actually alone.
Then they’ll laugh an angel laugh, fluff their wings, and dare a new dare all over again. The Universe

A loving game

We arrive centered in our heart, we then are exposed to emotions (our Mother’s)and we become a victim to our mind (the way we feel about the way she feels) and the game begins. Choose to retuirn to your heart, where there are no doubts or fears, and practice loving yourself. With enough practice you’ll have enough love to share with others. And life becomes a loving game. Be a nike, just do it!

The gift of conflict

The purpose of life is not to live in passive acceptance but to engage in conflict in order to be creative. Creativity is the foundation of life. Learning from our challenges to find creative solutions expands our consciousness and the awareness of our available power to cope. Experience is the gift of spiritual growth, yes I can is the approach, knowing that if its there we find its value and be grateful for the gift.

Emotional stability

It’s always easier to tell people what they want to hear, even if you disagree in your heart. And since it’s also frightening to confront painful truths about yourself, your friends and family may feel compelled to tell you only what you want to hear. When you need to tell the truth, find the courage to open your heart,as well as your mouth.
When you need to hear the truth, gather the strength to open your ears, and close your mouth. Berg
When you want to make the process easy and efficient, take advantage of Bio-feedback from your body. Kinesiology, muscle testing can locate the cause of any limitation and assist you to de-stress and re-program emotional blockages. Our belief system needs to be re-programmed at the age of cause. A couple of sessions can make major differences in our self image. Me

Let there be light

We are energy/light in three dimensional form so we can relate as humans.
The Light is always there, never changing, forever willing and able to fulfill your every desire, to answer your every prayer. Just like the electricity in your home, it is ever present.You just need to plug-into it in order to receive its many benefits. Get out of your mind and become one with your heart, meditate in your heart, become you without thought. Yehuda Berg & Me


Responsibility and freedom go together. If you don’t want to take responsibility you can’t have freedom either. The two come together or go together.If you shun responsibility, you have to accept slavery in some way or other. You created what you are, the way you are, as your challenge to find the value and potential of your creation. This is your movie what you do with/in it is up to you. You are the director and the script writer.

How it happens

We create our life. Whatever happens, we create.Accidents never happen, nothing is accidental,its not chaos, its cosmos, the Law of Cause and Effect. Today shows us what and how we thought yesterday. How we think and feel about today creates tomorrow. We are never victims we are actively involved what happens. Change your focus to response-ability, change your life. Plan for a miracle like self Love.

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